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IMDEA Networks at the Madrid Fair for Science and Innovation

The seven IMDEA institutes share a large stand at the Feria

IMDEA Networks presents an interactive demo on the electromagnetic spectrum

IMDEA Networks joins The Madrid Fair for Science and Innovation,  the leading national event for the dissemination of science and research, that is organized by the Madri+d Foundation for Knowledge.

IMDEA Networks shares a stand with the other institutes of IMDEA - the Madrid Institutes of Advanced Studies initiative. The IMDEA institutes will each be presenting interactive activities around the areas of knowledge that are the object of their studies: water, food, energy, materials, nanoscience, networks and software.

IMDEA Networks is putting on demos that will encourage attendees to explore the workings of FM radio with which we are all familiar to the Internet of Things, at the cutting edge of technological innovation. Through these demos, the institute, which conducts research in computing and communication networks, will explain the operation and applications of one of the fundamental components of wireless communication: the electromagnetic spectrum. Visitors to the IMDEA stand will see what happens when, as listeners, we turn on the radio and voices travel through the airwaves all the way to our ears. Participants will observe in real-time the flightpaths of aircraft flying over Spain. And by entering a virtual reality environment, they’ll discover how wireless networks work.

The Madrid Fair for Science and Innovation, is part of the STEMadrid Plan of the Autonomous Community of Madrid. The Community’s main aim is to strengthen young people’s interest in the study of the various branches of science and technology. These programs facilitate the learning process through personal experience, training citizens to develop their critical thinking through scientific and technological culture. The Fair also promotes an entrepreneurial and creative spirit in young people by eliminating gender barriers from the earliest stages of education.

IMDEA Networks Institute
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EDUCACION WEEK 2019 / SEMANA DE LA EDUCACIÓN 2019: http://www.ifema.es/semanadelaeducacion_06/
MADRID FAIR FOR SCIENCE AND INNOVATION / FERIA MADRID POR LA CIENCIA Y LA INNOVACIÓN: http://www.madrimasd.org/feriamadridcienciainnovacion

Location: Pavilion 5 - IFEMA
Dates: 28th to 31th of March, 2019 (IMDEA Networks’ activities will take place on the 28th and 29th)
Times: 10h to 20h. Sunday from 10 to 15h