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Jun 28 2019
New ENLIGHT’EM project, coordinated by IMDEA Networks Institute, is set to use Visible Light Communications (VLC) technology to bring connectivity and sustainable ubiquitous communication networks... +
Jun 27 2019
Member companies of the 5TONIC, one of the first 5G use cases co-creation laboratories based in Madrid, took center stage at last week’s European Conference on Networks and Communications (EuCNC 2019) in Valencia, delivering demonstrations,... +
Jun 21 2019
Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) together with Telefónica and IMDEA Networks have demonstrated brand-new 5G use cases for Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the European Conference on Networks and Communications (EuCNC) 2019 event held in... +
Jun 20 2019
Innovalia, a strategic alliance of seven companies created in 2000 with the objective of consolidating business activities and development on three fundamental pillars: innovation, technology, and internationalization, is to join the 5TONIC co-... +
Jun 12 2019
The radio frequency spectrum, the basis for wireless telecommunications, is a finite resource that needs to be managed effectively to satisfy the demands posed by the exponential growth in wireless internet access. IMDEA Networks researchers have... +
Jun 07 2019
The researcher and professor Antonio Fernández Anta has received the Aritmel Award, one of the four National Computer Science Awards jointly granted by the Spanish Computer Science Association (SCIE) and the BBVA Foundation.
Jun 05 2019
Nokia Spain has become Gold Collaborator of the 5TONIC Open 5G Lab headquartered at IMDEA Networks in Madrid (Spain). Together with Nokia Bell Labs site in Madrid, Nokia will collaborate with Telefónica in the implementation of a testbed for the use... +
May 29 2019
During the 11th Annual IMDEA Networks Workshop held in Madrid on 20-21 May 2019, several renowned experts delivered keynotes and participated in panels to assess where networking research stands today, and most importantly, where it is heading in... +
May 24 2019
The IMDEA institutes have been described as "the magnificent seven" of R&D+i in the Community of Madrid in a new book published by Madridiario: The social MADRID: foundations and CSR (published in Spanish as “El MADRID social: fundaciones y RSC... +
May 07 2019
We interview one of the members of our Alumni Network, Dr. Luca Cominardi, right after his graduation from the PhD program at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.