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Kenichi Mase Toshinori Tsuboi  Hiromi Ueda
Dr. Kenichi Mase, "Mesh networks"; Dr. Toshinori Tsuboi, "TPC scheme for ad hoc networks"; Dr. Hiromi Ueda, "Optical burst receiver for...
20 September 2010
Dr. Kenichi Mase, Dr. Toshini Tsuboi and Dr. Hiromi Ueda will visit Institute IMDEA Networkson Monday September 20th and will take the opportunity to present their research lines. The overall talk will last about 45... +
Dr. Vijay Sivaraman, University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.
07 July 2010
It this talk I will start with a brief overview of the research activities of our group at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, in the areas of core network switching, body area networking, and security... +
Dah Ming Chiu
Prof. Dah Ming Chiu, Department of Information Engineering, Chinese University of Hong Kong
05 July 2010 to 07 July 2010
Multimedia content delivery is projected to be the biggest bandwidth consumer of the future Internet. For many years, the mechanism for content delivery envisioned by the networking community is network multicast.... +
Dr. K. K. Ramakrishnan, AT&T Labs Research.
01 July 2010
Cloud computing has great potential to change how enterprises run and manage their IT systems. Cloud computing platforms provide customers with flexible, on demand resources at low cost. However, while existing... +
Dr Sue Moon
Dr. Sue Moon, Daejeon University, South Korea
30 June 2010
Delay is a key Internet performance metric and its stability, variation, and abrupt changes have been well studied. However, little could have been said about the Internet-wide delay distribution. In order to build a... +
Ruben Cuevas
Rubén Cuevas, Adjunct Professor, University Carlos III of Madrid; Researcher, NETCOM Research Group
21 June 2010
Next Monday Rubén Cuevas shall defend his Ph.D. Thesis entitled: “Dynamic and Location-Aware Server Discovery Using a Fair Distributed Hash Table”. His supervisor is Dr. Carmen Guerrero, Associate Professor, University... +
Andreas Reinhardt
Andreas Reinhardt, Technische Universität Darmstadt.
02 June 2010
Embedded sensor systems are well suited to provide context data, i.e. any information which allows determining the context of entities (e.g. a user's location, an object's environmental parameters, or the number of... +
Members of IMDEA Networks’ Scientific Council and invitees.
31 May 2010 to 01 June 2010
IMDEA Networks is organizing its 2nd Annual International Workshop, this year focusing on Energy Efficiency and Networking on 31st May - 1st June, 2010 in Madrid, Spain. The workshop will include presentations and a... +
Carlos J Bernardos
Dr. Carlos J. Bernardos, University Carlos III of Madrid
26 May 2010
Users' demands for Internet connectivity anytime anywhere are no longer a future requirement, but a reality that operators face today. The current trend in hand-held devices, equipped with multiple access technologies,... +
19 May 2010
Why should I consider a future in research? What sort of opportunities does a PhD open up for me? What makes research in the science of networks such an exciting career choice? How can we ensure that the Internet can... +