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Imdea Networks Institute
10 November 2008
Attendance restricted to members only The meeting will be conducted in English
Arturo Azcorra
Prof. Dr. Arturo Azcorra, Full Professor at the Telematics Department of University Carlos III of Madrid; Director, IMDEA Networks
03 November 2008
Telefonica Open Research Day 2008 Research is the process of exploration of new ideas and allows Telefonica to look into the future, working on tomorrow's problems and finding solutions that people can only dream about... +
IMDEA Networks newly refurbished offices
24 October 2008
Information reception to be held at IMDEA Networks’ newly refurbished offices to which all other building dwellers are invited, together with the University Carlos III of Madrid authorities, and NETCOM Research Group... +
  Location: Aula de Grados, 5.1.A01, Edificio Padre Soler, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Campus de LeganésDates: 15 Octubre, 2008, 9:00 – 19:00Organization: Cátedra Telefónica de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid... +
Nick Maxemchuk
Prof. Dr. Nick Maxemchuk, Columbia University of New York City (USA); Chief Researcher, IMDEA Networks; Prize 2006 IEEE Koji Kobiyashi...
26 June 2008
A systems approach to network coding and random coding: Explain how network coding is used in wireless networks Show an example of random coding to implement network coding This talk on network and random coding is of... +
IMDEA Networks Board of Trustees
17 June 2008
Meeting: IMDEA Networks Board of Trustees
IMDEA Networks Scientific Council
16 June 2008
Meeting: IMDEA Networks Scientific Council The meeting will be conducted in English
Arturo Azcorra and Marconi and Jon Crowcroft
Prof. Dr. Jon Crowcroft, Marconi Professor of Networked Systems in the Computer Laboratory of University of Cambridge (England, UK);...
05 June 2008
The madri+d Forum on Communications Technologies is hosted by University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M) on its Leganes Campus. The conference, "The Role of Europe in Internet Governance", will begin with a presentation on... +
Jon Crowcroft
Prof. Dr. Jon Crowcroft, Visiting Researcher, IMDEA Networks (Madrid, Spain); Marconi Professor, University of Cambridge (UK)
27 May 2008
In work at Washington St Louis and Stanford on network virtualization a lot of the research is predicated on lots of fancy hardware for forwarding (viz NetFPGA) (a recent SIGCOMM reject by UCL/Lancaster people on this... +
Jornadas REDIMadrid 2008
07 May 2008
The objective of these symposia is to celebrate idea-sharing sessions on the importance of the technological medium of telematic networks in general, and of the REDIMadrid network in particular, for the development of... +