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According to my calculations… the house always wins!

Ander Galisteo, PhD Student in Telematics Engineering, IMDEA Networks
08 Nov 2017 - 19:00 (Madrid Time)

Centro Cultural José de Espronceda, Calle de Almansa, 9, 28039 Madrid (Spain)

Ander Galisteo, a PhD student in Telematics Engineering at the research institute IMDEA Networks, has been invited to give this talk aimed at scientific dissemination within the program "Young Scientists 2017" of the Madrid Science. In this talk he will present, analyze and simulate some of the most popular casino games such as the roulette and blackjack, among others. He will explain the reasons why casinos obtain so much benefit from them. The "Young Scientists 2017" initiative aims to portray science in an easy and understandable way through thematic conferences. Ander will participate in the first of six: "Conference: APPLIED SCIENCE (IN AN UNFORSEEN WAY) (Statistics and Probability, Virtual Paleontology)".

More information about the full program is available here.

This event will be conducted in Spanish


Jóvenes Científicos 2017; XVII Semana de la Ciencia – 2017 – mi+d

More Info: 
  • How to arrive: Centro Cultural José de Espronceda: C/Almansa, 9, 28039 Madrid. Cómo llegar: <M> Cuatro Caminos (Líneas 1, 2, 6); Bus 3, 64, 66, 124, 128, 149. Map.
  • Personal site of Ander Galisteo