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Mobile devices

Innovative Autonomous System for Identifying Schools of Fish

18 June 2018 -- op-net-admin

The SYMBIOSIS system integrates acoustic and optical technologies without human intervention. The system is the product of an international scientific initiative under the EU’s Horizon 2020 program. Real-time monitoring of schools of fish will inform the development of fishing policy and lead to enhanced protection of the marine environment.

ReCRED Project takes Device-centric Access Control into the future

28 December 2015 -- imdea-admin

With e-commerce now exceeding 1 trillion USD per annum, the sharing economy on the rise, and the emergence of the Internet of Things, the need for reliable and user-friendly authentication and authorization mechanisms is more pressing than ever. Researchers from IMDEA Networks are collaborating in the newly launched ReCRED – a research project that aims to improve end user internet security using the mobile as an authorization proxy.

Video is the future of the Internet

18 November 2013 -- imdea-admin

The final audit of the European project MEDIEVAL (MultiMEDia transport for mobIlE Video AppLications), conducted in Sophia Antipolis (France) last October, has delivered” excellent” results. Three testbed demonstrations and several presentations won the approval of European Commission reviewers present for their successful account of the project’s research objectives.


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