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Opening of new research laboratories at IMDEA Networks

01 Dec 2017 - 17:13 (Madrid Time) -- imdea-admin

The Rector of University Carlos III of Madrid, Professor Juan Romo, accompanied by the Director of the Higher Polytechnic School, Professor Daniel Segovia and the Director of the Department of Telematics Engineering, Professor Mario Muñoz, visited last week the headquarters of IMDEA Networks Institute, and performed the honorary opening of newly refurbished research space in the building. IMDEA Networks is a research organization on computer and communication networks that has placed Madrid as a leading European region in the design and creation today of the networks of tomorrow.

From William of Baskerville to Gil Grissom: deduction, induction and science to clarify mysteries

26 Sep 2017 - 09:59 (Madrid Time) -- imdea-admin

In police work, the investigator must use in equal measure the art of deduction, his capacity for induction, and the knowledge accumulated by years of scientific and technological development. Several researchers from the IMDEA Institutes will give us clues on how to do this next Friday, September the 29th, during the European Night of the Researchers of Madrid. The event is called “IMDEA-CSI: investigating at the scene of the crime”.

Heinrich J. Stüttgen appointed member of IMDEA Networks’ Board of Trustees and Scientific Council

07 Aug 2017 - 12:52 (Madrid Time) -- jose_enriquez

Dr. Heinrich J. Stüttgen, Vice President of NEC Laboratories Europe, has been appointed member of the Board of Trustees and of the Scientific Council of IMDEA Networks Institute. The Board is the highest organ of governance, representation and administration of the Spanish research Institute. As a member of the Scientific Council he will also have an advisory role in all matters pertaining the Institute’s scientific activities, which are focused on the development of the science of networks.

IMDEA Networks’ scientific output highlighted at INFOCOM 2017

12 May 2017 - 16:23 (Madrid Time) -- carlos_contreras

IMDEA Networks’ scientific production ranks 5th at INFOCOM 2017. The Madrid research Institute has presented ten scientific articles at the 2017 edition of what most networking researchers consider the most impactful annual conference in the field of communication networks: INFOCOM. The Institute’s Deputy Director, Albert Banchs, has authored four of these articles.


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