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“The professors were very helpful and that made my PhD life very memorable”

12 March 2020 -- op-net-admin

We interview one of the members of our Alumni Network, Dr. Allyson Sim, during her recent visit to IMDEA Networks. Allyson obtained her PhD from IMDEA Networks and Universidad Carlos III de Madrid back in March 2016 and is now a Post-doc Researcher at the TU Darmstadt in Germany.

Her research interests are on the topics of beyond-5G networks, specifically scheduling algorithms and precoding designs. Currently, Dr. Sim is working on the EmergenCITY project in the area of communication, where they enable infrastructureless communication in disaster scenarios.

A salary in exchange for our data is the new economic system proposed by a researcher from the IMDEA Networks Institute

18 February 2020 -- op-net-admin

Data and the economy stemming from them are the engine for the fourth industrial revolution. However, and according to Nikolaos Laoutaris, there is a very important leading player who currently receives absolutely nothing of the huge profits generated by the activity: the people who provide these data. Only in a very few cases do the humans producing data receive a measly compensation in kind for it: free online services.

Jim Kurose named to National Academy of Engineering

13 February 2020 -- op-net-admin

Dr. Jim Kurose, member of the Scientific Council of IMDEA Networks Institute since 2006 and member of its Board of Trustees until 2014, has been named to National Academy of Engineering (NAE) on February 7. The University of Massachusetts Amherst Distinguished Professor has been conferred this distinction for “contributions to the design and analysis of network protocols for multimedia communication.”

Media Magazine: 5TONIC, in the program Radar 3.0 of Radio 5

07 February 2020 -- op-net-admin

5TONIC, the open 5G laboratory of which IMDEA Networks is a founding member together with Telefónica and Ericsson España, received a mention in the Radar 3.0 program of Radio 5 on February 1. In addition, Arturo Azcorra, director of the IMDEA Networks research institute and Full Professor at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, was also interviewed as vice president of 5TONIC by Networkworld.

AEPD and CNIL award their data protection prizes to a team including researchers from IMDEA Networks

29 January 2020 -- op-net-admin

The article, “An analysis of Pre-installed Android Software” by Julien Gamba, Mohammed Rashed, Abbas Razaghpanah, Juan Tapiador and Narseo Vallina-Rodriguez, has received two prestigious awards this month: one from the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) and another from the CNIL (French Data Protection Authority) and Inria. The study has huge social impact as it reveals the privacy and security issues associated with pre-installed software on Android devices and their supply chain.

5TONIC news: participation in ESIC's Mobile Talks, at FITUR 2020...

22 January 2020 -- op-net-admin

On 20 January 2020, 5TONIC (the open 5G laboratory of which IMDEA Networks Institute is a founding member together with Telefónica,) participated in the first Mobile Talks organized by ESIC Business & Marketing School, titled "New opportunities arising from 5G." At the conference it was highlighted how 5G networks will allow the emergence of new services and solutions that will benefit the economy and society as a whole.

The Community of Madrid is committed to continue promoting the IMDEA institutes

17 January 2020 -- op-net-admin

The Community of Madrid has shown its pride for the Institutos Madrileños de Estudios Avanzados (IMDEA) in light of the relevant data registered from their foundation between 2006 and 2007. Regional government’s vice president, Ignacio Aguado, has expressed to media his compromise to keep on powering these seven scientific research and innovation centers with a high international prestige (Software, Energy, Networks, Materials, Water, Nanoscience and Food).

“At IMDEA Networks I received a lot of training on how to do excellent research and how to write good papers”

15 January 2020 -- op-net-admin

We interview one of the members of our Alumni Network, Dr. Qing Wang. He obtained his PhD from IMDEA Networks Institute and Universidad Carlos III of Madrid in May 2016. When he was a PhD student at IMDEA Networks Institute, he worked on visible light communication systems and device-to-device communications. Wang was the co-founder of the OpenVLC project. OpenVLC is an open-source, flexible, and low-cost visible light communication system platform.

“Stanford allows me to have a relationship with many technological companies”

23 December 2019 -- op-net-admin

The next generation of virtual and augmented reality technology will be able to enhance clinical care and to improve personal health and wellness. It will also help facilitate the shift towards telemedicine so as to reduce costs of care delivery and raise clinical efficiency. We interview Dr. Walter Greenleaf, research neuroscientist and medical product developer working at Stanford University, during his recent visit to IMDEA Networks.


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