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Telefónica signs multilateral agreements to boost 5G Technologies in Spain

10 December 2015 -- carlos_contreras
  • The agreement has been signed by representatives from the Spanish public administration, academic organizations and private companies in a joint commitment to boost 5G technologies.
  • Telefónica is also one of the cofounders of 5TONIC, the first laboratory of excellence focusing on 5G technologies in Spain, together with IMDEA Networks.
  • Ericsson is the first technological company that has joined the project within the framework of its program known as 5G for Europe – a program that aims to strengthen the competitiveness of European industry.

5TONIC, an open 5G Networks Research and Innovation Laboratory

11 November 2015 -- carlos_contreras

IMDEA Networks Institute and Telefónica R&D have established a Research and Innovation Laboratory focusing on 5G Technologies. The laboratory, with the acronym 5TONIC, is intended to be an open research and innovation ecosystem focused on 5G technologies, in which industry and academia come together to boost technology and business innovative ventures. The main Laboratory site will be located at IMDEA Networks’ headquarters in Leganés, Madrid.

Telefónica and IMDEA Networks announce the opening of 5TONIC: Spain’s first laboratory of 5G excellence

30 October 2015 -- imdea-admin

The 5TONIC laboratory: founded by experts from Telefónica and IMDEA Networks with the purpose of creating an open ecosystem for innovation and investigation. A place where industry and the academic world can work together to further the development of 5G technologies and their entrepreneurial ecosystem is set to open next November at IMDEA Networks headquarters in the Leganés area of Madrid. With their mutual involvement in this new laboratory, Telefónica and IMDEA Networks redouble their commitment to the development of new 5G technologies.
Ericsson is the first manufacturer to join the initiative as part of its 5G for Europe program.

IMDEA Networks working on ultrafast 5G mobile broadband in millimetre wave bands

24 July 2015 -- gines_garcia

IMDEA Networks Institute is part of an international consortium that aims to develop concepts and key components for a new 5G mobile radio access technology. The technology is expected to operate in a range of frequency bands between 6 and 100 GHz, including millimetre-wave (mmWave) frequencies.

European industrial and academic partners join to develop the integrated fronthaul and backhaul solution for 5G Networks

20 July 2015 -- patricia_callejo

The 5G-Crosshaul project, part of the European H2020 5G Public-Private Partnership (5G PPP) Infrastructure, will define and develop the next generation of integrated fronthaul and backhaul networks that will respond to the needs of the future 5G communications system


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