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European industrial and academic partners join to develop the integrated fronthaul and backhaul solution for 5G Networks

20 July 2015 -- patricia_callejo

The 5G-Crosshaul project, part of the European H2020 5G Public-Private Partnership (5G PPP) Infrastructure, will define and develop the next generation of integrated fronthaul and backhaul networks that will respond to the needs of the future 5G communications system

Arturo Azcorra elected Chairman of the 5G Expert Group from the ETP NetWorld 2020

04 March 2015 -- patricia_callejo

Arturo Azcorra, a pioneer of internet and network science research in Spain, has been elected chairman of the 5G Expert Group from NetWorld2020, the European Technology Platform (ETP) for communications networks and services. The ultrafast mobile broadband technology of the future, branded as 5G, will be the foundation of the future Internet.


5G: the new generation of mobile networks for the Internet of the future

02 March 2015 -- diego_lucero

Even though the deployment of 4th generation mobile networks has not yet been completed, operators and handset manufacturers, as well as leading research teams in the field, have launched a series of R&D initiatives to develop the 5th generation of mobile technology, called 5G, intending to commercialize it by 2020.

IMDEA Networks to showcase 5G research results to EU Digital Economy and Society Commissioner

24 February 2015 -- diego_lucero

IMDEA Networks Institute participates in the 5G “ignition-phase” events organized by the European Commission (EC) at the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2015 (MWC’15) in Barcelona (2-5 March). The objective is to present the status of EU work on 5G, the ubiquitous ultra-broadband network that will carry the Future Internet, and is expected to withstand data connections 1,000 times heavier than today's. 

Re-imagining the network

10 December 2014 -- diego_lucero

Communication networks are evolving to keep pace with increasing consumer needs and business demands. We’ve already experienced the progressive jumps from 1G to 4G wireless networks and 5G is looming in the not-too-distant future.  But 5G is much more than 4G plus 1. In the manner of an evolutionary leap, 5G technologies and ICT networks bring the global competition for technological leadership to a whole new level. This is a truly wireless environment that will realize the promise of near-instantaneous, zero-distance online connectivity at any time, from anywhere and from almost any device or terminal.


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