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Standardization wears a critical role in the field of research in Networking. Many different vendors manufacture networking equipment, network-attached devices, and software running on such devices. Without strong standardization efforts, the industry has to rely on de-facto proprietary standards, which typically hinders flexibility in the evolution of deployed infrastructures and services, and often prevents deployment in multi-vendor environments. Standardization is thus considered as an inherent part of the research work performed at IMDEA Networks, as it increases the likelihood of acceptance and practical deployment of our technological contributions.

The IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) is one of the premier standards organizations working on the lower layers in the network model. The most widely known series of IEEE standards are 802.3 (Ethernet) and 802.11 (Wi-Fi). Many of our researchers – often in collaboration with the UC3M NETCOM research group - perform research on the 802.11 wireless protocols standardized by the IEEE SA.

The IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) works across all layers of the network model in as far as such work relates to the internet, with the core focus on IP at the network layer and the protocols such as TCP running directly on top of IP.

The IAB (Internet Architecture Board) is a body of 13 experts that plays a major role in the process of definition of Internet Protocols and, as a result, on the worldwide evolution of the Internet. The IAB oversees the technical and engineering development of the Internet by the Internet Society (ISOC). As such, it wields a lot of influence over the architectural direction towards which IETF standards evolve.

Institute IMDEA Networks develops ongoing work on standardization within the IEEE and the IETF:

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