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Entrepreneurship Activities

IMDEA innovationAt IMDEA Networks we have the potential, the energy and the means to make a positive change in our socio-economic environment. We perform research with an enterprising spirit, animated by its potential application to market and industry. Our faculty, PhD students, research support engineers, alumni and former team members conform a thriving entrepreneurial community in connection with the latest technological developments and innovative ideas.

We research, develop, test and push forward scientific advances that may one day become goods, services, international standards and even household words. We collaborate closely with industry in a variety of ways, such as through international project consortiums, direct industry contracts, the activities of the 5TONIC innovation lab, as co-inventors of patents, in joint events, or through entrepreneurial ventures. This collaborative exchange allows us to acquire the know-how, experience and forward-thinking engagement needed to match technologies originating from our labs with real-world needs.

Our work covers a wide spectrum of entrepreneurial activities:


5TONIC is an Open Research and Innovation Laboratory focusing on 5G technologies founded by Telefonica and IMDEA Networks in November 2015 and based in Madrid.

The objective of 5TONIC is to create an international ecosystem where members from industry and academia work together in specific research and innovation projects related to 5G technologies, with a view to boost technology development and the growth of business innovative ventures.

The laboratory promotes collaboration at all levels to foster the development of 5G communications, services and applications: from joint project development and entrepreneurial ventures, field‐testing and demonstration of technologies and equipment, to discussion fora and dissemination events.

https://www.5tonic.org | info@5tonic.org

5TONIC will help its partner companies to:

  • Evaluate the feasibility and costs of a given technology, analyzing hidden deployment costs, complexity of the solutions, regulatory aspects to tackle, etc.
  • Perform a realistic evaluation of technology choices, together with the latest innovations in the services, core networks and wireless network.



IMDEA Networks patents

Spanish Patent Granted

  1. "Procedimientos de establecimiento y reparacion de caminos capa de transporte y puente de red-transporte" (Method for establishing and clearing paths and forwarding frames for transport connections and network bridge)
    A. Azcorra, G. Ibañez Fernandez, E. Rojas Sanchez, I. Martinez Yelmo
    2 February 2016. Granted. ES2540595 B2
    Joint patent between IMDEA Networks and University of Alcalá (Spain)

Patenting career of our scientists

Arturo AZCORRA (Director)

  1. "Procedimientos de establecimiento y reparacion de caminos capa de transporte y puente de red-transporte"*
    A. Azcorra, G. Ibañez Fernandez, E. Rojas Sanchez, I. Martinez Yelmo
    2 February 2016. Granted. ES2540595 B2
  2. "Procedimiento de encaminamiento de tramas de datos y puente de red"
    G. Ibañez Fernandez, J. A. Carral Pelayo, A. Garcia-Martinez, A. Azcorra
    24 April 2012. Granted. ES2361545 | WO2010097489
  3. "Procedimiento y dispositivo de gestion de movilidad IP localizada basada en la red, red de acceso y dispositivos de paserala de acceso fijos y moviles a dominios con movilidad IP localizada"
    C.J. Bernardos, I. Soto, M. Calderon, A. Azcorra, A. Banchs
    24 April 2012. Granted. ES2360678
  4. "Procedimiento de gestion de enlaces en el  nivel de enlace de datos para redes de comunicaciones, procedimiento de encaminamiento de tramas de datos, dispositivo de interconexion de redes y red que combina ambos procedimientos"
    G. Ibañez Fernandez, A. Azcorra, A. Garcia-Martinez
    11 May 2011. Granted. P200702358 OEPM

Antonio FERNÁNDEZ ANTA (Research Professor)

  1. "Network scheduling for energy efficiency"
    D. M. Andrews, Y. Zhang, A. Fernández Anta
    8 October 2013. Granted. US8554894 B2
    24 February 2016. Granted. EP2545732 B1

Albert BANCHS (Deputy Director)

  1. "Method for reducing energy consumption of a network by minimizing the number of active nodes"
    A. de la Oliva, A. Banchs, X. Pérez-Costa
    24 April 2011. European patent application. PCT/EP 2011/000270
  2. "Method for supporting admission control and/or path selection in a communication network"
    F. Zdarsky, X. Pérez-Costa, R. de Marca, A. Banchs, A. de la Oliva
    15 July 2010. European patent application. PCT/EP 2010/004318
  3. "Procedimiento y dispositivo de gestion de movilidad IP localizada basada en la red, red de acceso y dispositivos de paserala de acceso fijos y moviles a dominios con movilidad IP localizada"
    C. J. Bernardos, I. Soto, M. Calderon, A. Banchs, A. Azcorra
    18 April 2008. Spanish patent application. P200801125
  4. "Method for Providing Media Independent Handover (MIH) Services to a Communication Node"
    T. Melia, A. Vidal, A. Banchs
    28 March 2007. European patent application. PCT/EP 2007/002751
  5. "Differentiated downlink scheduling for radio access networks in UMTS"
    X. Pérez-Costa, A. Banchs
    15 June 2004. German Patent Application | Granted in Germany and Japan. DE10 2004 028 564 B4
  6. "Random Early Marking: improving TCP Performance in DiffServ Assured Forwarding"
    S. Tartarelli, A. Banchs
    2 May 2002. German Patent Application | Granted in Germany, United States and Japan. 102 20 213.3

Domenico GIUSTINIANO (Research Associate Professor)

  1. "Spread spectrum methods and devices"*
    V. Lenders, D. Giustiniano
    January 2016. Application
  2. "Visible Light Communication with flickering prevention"
    D. Giustiniano, N. O. Tippenhauer, S. Mangold
    October 2014. Granted. US8873965 B2
  3. "Carrier sense-based Ranging using 802.11 Wireless LAN"
    D. Giustiniano, S. Mangold
    October 2012. Granted. US20120269080
  4. "Method and radio station for fair aggregation of internet backhaul throughput using multiple access points"
    D. Giustiniano, E. Goma, A. Lopez, P. Rodriguez
    March 2012. Application. WO2012034702
  5. "Method and apparatus for estimating link quality"
    D. Giustiniano, D. Malone, D. J. Leith
    December 2011. Granted. US2009025205

Kirill KOGAN (Research Assistant Professor)

  1. "Combined interface and non-interface specific associative memory lookup operations for processing of packets"
    K. Kogan, Y. Ruan
    26 October 2006. Granted. 20060239258
  2. "Non-preemptive scheduling in network elements"
    A. Kesselman, K. Kogan
    1 June 2006. Granted. 20060115267

Nicholas F. MAXEMCHUK (Emeritus Professor)

  1. "Overload Control in a Packet-Switching Cellular Environment"
    N. F. Maxemchuk
    25 June 2002. Issued.
  2. "A Distributed Internet Multicast System for the Stock Market"
    N. F. Maxemchuk, D. Shur
    1 September 1999. Submitted. ES2361545 | WO2010097489
  3. "A Network based Service for Originator-Initiated Automatic Repair of IP Multicast Sessions"
    N. F. Maxemchuk
    24 August 2004. Issued. 6782490
  4. "Applying MSTDM to Cellular Radio Systems"
    N. F. Maxemchuk
    24 August 2004. Issued. 6219346 
  5. "Packet Switching Architecture in Cellular Radio"
    N. F. Maxemchuk
    17 April 2001. Issued. 6782490
  6. "Packet Transmission over Cellular Radio"
    N. F. Maxemchuk
    2 September 2003. Issued. 6614773
  7. "Overload Control in a Packet-Switching Cellular Environment"
    N. F. Maxemchuk
    19 October 1999. Issued. 5970412 
  8. "System and Method for Capacity Management in Multi-service Networks"
    N. F. Maxemchuk
    16 June 1998. Issued. 5768123  
  9. "System and Method for Capacity Management in Multi-service Networks"
    N. F. Maxemchuk
    17 December 1996. Issued. 2020236 
  10. "Robust Document Marking and Identification Strategy"
    J. T. Brassil, S. Low, N. F. Maxemchuk, L. O'Gorman
    13 May 1997. Issued. 5629770 
  11. "Anonymous Credit Card Transactions"
    S. Low, N. F. Maxemchuk, S. Paul  
    30 May 1995. Awarded. 5420926 
  12. "Document Copying Deterent Method"
    J. T. Brassil, S. Low, N. F. Maxemchuk, L. O'Gorman 
    11 July 2000. Issued. 6086706 
  13. "Method of Protecting Electronically Published Materials Using Cryptographic Protocols"
    A. K. Choudhury, N. F. Maxemchuk, S. Paul, H. Schulzrinne 
    16 April 1996. Issued. 5509074 
  14. "Fair Access of Multi-Priority Traffic to Distributed-Queue Dual-Bus Networks"
    E. L. Hahne, N. F. Maxemchuk 
    19 May 1992. Issued. 5115430
  15. "Techniques to improve the fairness of DQDB"
    E. L. Hahne, N. F. Maxemchuk 
    10 December 1991. Published. 5072443
  16. "Mesh Based Switching Network"
    N. F. Maxemchuk
    10 January 1989. Awarded. 4797882 
  17. "Reliable Broadcast Protocol for a Token Passing Bus Network"
    N. F. Maxemchuk, J-M. Chang
    16 February 1988. Awarded. 4725834 
  18. "System and Method for Controlling a Multiple Access Data Communications System Including Both Data Packets and Voice Packets Being Communicated Over a Cable Television System"
    N. F. Maxemchuk
    6 August 1985. Awarded. 4534024
  19. "Signal Sequence Editing Method and Apparatus with Automatic Time Fitting of Edited Segments"
    N. F. Maxemchuk
    22 February 1983. Awarded. 4375083
  20. "Visual Display Without Finger Repositioning"
    M. R. Buric, N. F. Maxemchuk
    1 June 1982. Awarded. 4333097
  21. "System Apparatus and Method for Controlling a Multiple Access Data Communication System Including Variable Length Data Packets and Fixed Length Collision-Free Voice Packets"
    N. F. Maxemchuk
    7 May 1985. Awarded. 4516239
  22. "Spread Spectrum Arrangement for (de)Multiplexing Speech Signals and Nonspeech Signals"
    M. R. Buric, N. F. Maxemchuk
    26 January 1982. Awarded. 4313197
  23. "Technique for Reducing Transmission Error Propagation in Adaptively Predicted DPCM Video Encoder"
    N. F. Maxemchuk, J. A. Stuller
    10 March 1981. Awarded. 4255763
  24. "Technique for Separating Composite Video Signals"
    N. F. Maxemchuk, D. K. Sharma
    20 February 1979. Awarded. 4141035
  25. "Error Detection and Correction"
    N. F. Maxemchuk
    12 May 1977. Awarded. 4110735
  26. "A Digital Video Recording System"
    N. F. Maxemchuk
    1976. Filed.
  27. "Digital Sampling Rate Conversion of color TV signal"
    N. F. Maxemchuk
    1 August 1977. Awarded. 4106053
  28. "Bidirectional digital position encoder"
    J. Hartman, N. F. Maxemchuk
    15 April 1977. Awarded. 4194184 
  29. "Data Loop Communication System"
    H. E. White, N. F. Maxemchuk
    22 April 1975. Awarded. 
  30. "Data Processor for a Loop Data Communication System"
    N. F. Maxemchuk
    Awarded. 3879710
  31. "Loop Controller for a Loop Data Communications System"
    N. F. Maxemchuk
    11 November 1975, Awarded. 3919484

Joerg WIDMER (Research Director)

  1. "A relay station and a decoder"
    G. Zeitler, R. Koetter, G. Bauch, J. Widmer
    October 2013. Granted. EP2202904
  2. "Method and apparatus for forwarding data in a wireless network"
    L. Loyola, I. Aad, J. Widmer
    December 2012. Granted. EP2110999
  3. "Method and apparatus for scheduling packets"
    D. Jurca, D. Munaretto, J. Widmer
    October 2012. Granted. EP2388963
  4. "Radio terminal, radio communication system, and radio communication method"
    I. Aad, L. Loyola, J. Widmer, K. Igarashi, A. Yamada
    April 2012. Granted. US8165051 B2
  5. "Relay station for a mobile communication system"
    G. Zeitler, R. Koetter, G. Bauch, J. Widmer
    November 2011. Granted. EP2202894
  6. "Method and apparatus for traffic flow differentiation"
    L. Scalia, I. Aad, J. Widmer
    August 2011. Granted. EP2259509
  7. "Method and apparatus for operating wireless network for gathering data"
    D. Munaretto, J. Widmer, M. Rossi, E. Fasolo
    August 2011. Granted. EP2071779
  8. "Method and apparatus for adaptively setting the carrier sense threshold"
    L. Scalia, J. Widmer, I. Aad
    August 2010. Granted. EP2217030
  9. "Method and apparatus for increasing throughput in a communication network"
    L. Loyola, J. Widmer
    August 2010. Granted. EP2106073
  10. "Method and apparatus for operating wireless network for gathering data"
    D. Munaretto, J. Widmer, M. Rossi, E. Fasolo
    March 2010. Granted. EP2071774, JP2009177795
  11. "Relay apparatus for relaying data packet transmitted from first partner transceiver to second partner transceiver"
    J. Widmer, I. Aad, P. Hofmann, L. Loyola
    May 2009. Granted. EP1924009, US20080137585, JP2008131649
  12. "Method and apparatus for obtaining virtual coordinates"
    J. Widmer, S. Diggavi, M. Grossglauser, C. Prehofer, D. Tschopp
    April 2009. Granted. EP1883185, JP2008061229
  13. "Apparatus for selecting a beamforming direction"
    J. Widmer, I. Aad, R. Vilzmann, C. Hartmann
    December 2008. Granted. EP1845584
  14. "Beam steering for highly directional wireless communication on multi-frequency band enabled systems using angle of arrival detection"
    T. Nitsche, A. Flores Miranda, E. Knightly, J. Widmer
    October 2014. U.S. Provisional Application
  15. "Method and apparatus for implementing a virtual network"
    I. Aad, J. Widmer, A. Zugenmaier
    September 2008. Patent application. EP2166799
  16. "Radio terminal, radio base station, and radio communication system"
    K. Igarashi, A. Yamada, L. Loyola, I. Aad, J. Widmer
    April 2008. Patent application. US2009257369, EP2111076
  17. "Ubiquitous gateway and/or global query manager for querying object in mobile communication network"
    D. Ochi, W. Kellerer, J. Widmer, H. Berndt
    February 2008. Patent application. EP2088749, JP2009217817
  18. "Global query manager and ubiquitous gateway for object search"
    D. Ochi, W. Kellerer, J. Widmer, H. Berndt
    February 2008. Patent application. EP2088750, JP2009199592

* Filed under the IMDEA Networks affiliation.


Narseo Vallina-Rodriguez | Pierre Francois

IETF/IRTF Applied Networking Research Prize – ANRP 2016 | December 2016

P. Richter, F. Wohlfart, N. Vallina-Rodriguez, M. Allman, R. Bush, A. Feldmann, C. Kreibich, N. Weaver, V. Paxson
A Multi-perspective Analysis of Carrier-Grade NAT Deployment
Prize awarded by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and the Internet Research Task Force (IRTF) (https://irtf.org/anrp), December 2016. 
This paper was published in the proceedings of the ACM Internet Measurement Conference 2016 (ACM IMC 2016), 14-16 November 2016, Santa Monica, California, USA. Pages 215-229.

IETF/IRTF Applied Networking Research Prize – ANRP 2013 | July 2013

S. Vissicchio, L.  Vanbever, C. Pelsser,  L. Cittadini, P. François, O. Bonaventure
Improving Network Agility with Seamless BGP Reconfigurations  [PDF 336 KB]
This article has been published by the journal IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, 21 (3). pp. 990-1002. ISSN 1063-6692.
Prize awarded by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and the Internet Research Task Force (IRTF), 28 July 2013.

More info.

Qing Wang

1st Prize Winner (1 out of 155) of 1st China (Shenzhen) Innovation Competition of International Talents | Munich, Germany Division, April 2016

Qing Wang was the First Prize winner (1 out of 155) of the 1st China (Shenzhen) Innovation Competition of International Talents (Munich, Germany Division). The project proposal of Qing Wang’s team was “Lighting up the Internet-of-Lights/Things with Li-Fi”, based on the flexible and open-source OpenVLC platform.

More info.

Antonio Fernández Anta

Honorable Mention to Public-Private Cooperation with Marketed Research Results madri+d Awards, 22 April 2015

X premios madri+dThe IMDEA institutes receive the Honorable Mention to Public-Private Cooperation with Marketed Research Results, awarded by the Foundation for Knowledge madri+d (Fundación para el Conocimiento madri+d). The madri+d Awards recognise the best patents, enterprises and technology-based ideas, European R+D projects in cooperation, and scientific communication.

The organization Fundación para el Conocimiento madri+d, within the framework of the 10th edition of its Awards, has given special recognition to scientific-technological activities involving public-private cooperation with an impact on the economy of Madrid, through awarding each of the IMDEA Institutes an Honorable Mention for research projects performed in cooperation with Spanish and foreign companies and whose results have been launched commercially in recent years.

The consortium IMDEA Networks Institute - Factory Holding Company 25 S.L. has received this Honorable Mention for a project developing a commercial tool with the necessary software and algorithms to analyze big data for Factory Holding Company 25 S.L., of the Zed Group. The result was a data analysis console that allows client companies’ data to be loaded and treated from multiple viewpoints, extracting trends and identifying patterns. Antonio Fernández Anta, Research Professor at IMDEA Networks, has led the Institute's research efforts on this project.

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Entrepreneurship Programs


Telefonica TalentumFundación SEPI - Telefónica Scholarship Program: Talentum Startups
Project website: https://talentum.telefonica.com/
Funded by: Fundación SEPI (Sociedad Estatal de Participaciones Industriales)Telefónica España
Duration: February to July 2016 | February to July 2015 | December 2013 to June 2014
Project partners

Former Team Members in Startups

Alex Bikfalvi @ Midokura

Midokura | Calle Luis Antúnez, 2-4, 1º | 08006 Barcelona, Spain

The founders of Midokura began their careers building distributed systems for the world’s preeminent e-commerce website: Amazon.com.

Recognizing that companies around the world faced similar challenges and needed networking infrastructure not found in conventional networking, the Midokura founders applied their experience to build a secure, scalable, dynamic network virtualization solution for organizations worldwide. MidoNet is that solution.

It is Midokura’s mission to help organizations unleash the full potential of their networks – by adding software network virtualization onto enterprise, data center and government networks, so that the network infrastructure can scale to hundreds of thousands of virtual ports from a single physical network.

Midokura is headquartered in Lausanne (Switzerland) and has offices in Menlo Park, California (USA), Barcelona (Spain) and Tokyo (Japan).

Alex was a PhD Student at IMDEA Networks (October 2007 – July 2012).  He was a Software Engineer and a technical lead at Midokura from May 2014 to October 2017.

Elisa Rojas Sánchez @ Telcaria Ideas SL

TelcariaTelcaria Ideas SL | Calle Barrionuevo 8, Local 1 | 28911, Leganés (Madrid), Spain

Telcaria is an SME that provides advanced services to network operators worldwide. It partners with equipment manufacturers to redesign their products towards a cloud-based network infrastructure, it also develops Web Technology, Internet Services and the integration of ICT solutions. Moreover, Telcaria has a department specifically focused on R&D to exploit all the recent technological advances in its products. The company team is composed of young bright researchers and developers. A large fraction of its employees hold a PhD in Telecomunications, Electrical Engineering or Computer Science.

Telcaria is headquartered in Madrid, Spain. It works with leading companies in the sector, such as: Telefonica, Thales, Fujitsu, INDRA, Intel, Alcatel or NEC. The company also has collaborations with the research institute IMDEA Networks and top Universities in the area: University Carlos III of Madrid, U. Polytechnic University of Madrid and University of Alcala.

Elisa was a Post-Doc Researcher at IMDEA Networks (June 2014 – December 2014).  Elisa Rojas was Research Director from December 2014 to January 2017.

Balaji Rengarajan @ Accelera Mobile Broadband

AcceleraAccelera Mobile Broadband, Inc. | 3255 Scott Blvd 110, Santa Clara | CA 95054, United States

Accelera Mobile Broadband, Inc. develops a wireless network virtualization technology that unifies heterogeneous network resources to create seamless high-speed carrier-grade connectivity. The company was formerly known as BeeSON Networks Inc. and changed its name to Accelera Mobile Broadband, Inc. in 2011. Accelera Mobile Broadband, Inc. was founded in 2009 and is based in Santa Clara, California.

Balaji was a Research Assistant Professor at IMDEA Networks (October 2009 – June 2013). He worked for the startup Accelera as an Algorithms Architect from July 2013 till September 2016.

Talks at IMDEA Networks by entrepreneurs

IMDEA Networks organizes inspirational talks by speakers who have initiated their journey into entrepreneurship. A journey that involves dreams, learning, work, creation, partnerships, successes and failures in equal measure.