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Anteriores Miembros del Consejo Científico

La información listada debajo corresponde a personas y puestos durante su periodo de membresía de nuestro Consejo Científico. IMDEA Networks desea dejar constancia de su agradecimiento por los servicios prestados al Instituto:

Prof. Dr. Ioannis STAVRAKAKIS
Puesto: Full Professor & Head of the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications at National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Atenas Grecia
PhD: University of Virginia. Charlottesville. EE.UU.
Investigación: Resource Allocation Protocols and Traffic Management for Communication Networks, with recent emphasis on Peer-to-Peer, Mobile, Ad hoc, Autonomic and Social Networking
Periodo de servicio: Jul 2007 hasta Feb 2017
Puesto: Fujitsu Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Massachusetts. EE.UU.
PhD: University of California, Berkeley. Berkeley. EE.UU.
Investigación: Networked computer systems, spanning overlay and peer-to-peer networks, network protocols and architecture, wireless and sensor networks, and distributed data management
Periodo de servicio: Mayo 2011 hasta Mayo 2015
Puesto: Presidente y CEO de Telefónica I+D
Investigación: Video retransmission via the Internet; interactive TV; video on demand; domestic technology
Periodo de servicio: Jul 2007 hasta Nov 2010
Prof. Dr. Lixia ZHANG
Puesto: Professor at University of California, Los Angeles (Los Angeles, EE.UU.)
PhD: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (Massachusetts, EE.UU)
Investigación: Resiliency and security issues in the Internet infrastructure (e.g. the global routing system and Domain Name System (DNS)); the system challenges in deploying cryptographic protections in global scale open systems (e.g. the Internet)
Periodo de servicio: Jul 2007 hasta Nov 2010
Dr. Zhi-Li ZHANG
Puesto: Quest Chair Professor & McKnight Distinguished University Professor at University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, EE.UU.)
PhD: Computer Science, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. EEUU
Investigación: Building highly scalable, resilient and secure Internet infrastructure and mechanisms to enhance Internet service availability, reliability and security; Developing next-generation, service-oriented, manageable Internet architectures to provide better support for creation, deployment, operations and management of value-added Internet services and underlying networks.
Periodo de servicio: Jul 2007 hasta Nov 2010