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02 Febrero 2018
En el marco del proyecto europeo H2020 MONROE (, IMDEA Networks reunirá en Madrid a operadores y reguladores de países del sur de Europa.
Trust computing for more secure cloud? or not?
Kari Kostainen, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
30 Enero 2018
Cloud computing provides significant benefits, such as new services and convenience to private individuals and cost savings to businesses.
Roderick Fanou, Estudiante de doctorado, IMDEA Networks Institute y Universidad Carlos II de Madrid
14 Diciembre 2017
While connecting end-users worldwide, the Internet increasingly promotes local development by making challenges much simpler to overcome, regardless of the field in which it is used.
Joerg Widmer, Research Professor & Research Director, IMDEA Networks Institute, Spain
12 Diciembre 2017
Among the primary challenges of the roll out 5G networks are the protocol level issues it faces. Issues such as mm-wave beamforming, initial access, MAC layer design, mm-wave localization, network architectures, are all... +
Martin Strohmeier, Investigador Postdoctoral en sistemas de seguridad, Departamento de Ciencias de la Computación, Universidad de...
12 Diciembre 2017
A multitude of wireless technologies are used within air traffic communication. From a conceptual perspective, all of them are insecure as security was never part of their design and the evolution of wireless security... +
Georgios Paschos, Investigador Principal, Huawei Technologies, París, Francia
01 Diciembre 2017
Future networks based on virtualization will enable on-the-fly instantiation of services in the form of "network slices". In this talk we will focus on a fundamental resource allocation problem in this context, that of... +
Adrian Loch, Post-Doc Researcher, IMDEA Networks Institute, Spain
29 Noviembre 2017
About Adrian Loch
Cristina Márquez, Estudiante de Doctorado, Grupo de Investigación NETCOM, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, España
29 Noviembre 2017
We investigate how individual mobile services are consumed at a national scale, by studying data collected in a 3G/4G mobile network deployed over a major European country. Through correlation and clustering analyses,... +
Beatriz Lorenzo, Investigador Postdoc, Atlantic Research Center for Information and Communication Technologies (AtlantTIC), Universidad...
17 Noviembre 2017
Wireless networks are progressively displacing service provisioning towards the edge to accommodate the increasing traffic demands. This paradigm shift calls for smart policies to efficiently share network resources and... +
08 Noviembre 2017
This integrated demo will interconnect different transport technologies carrying backhaul traffic, fronthaul traffic and both in one network, which demonstrates the 5G-Crosshaul data plane technologies developed in the... +