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Falko Dressler, Full Professor, Heinz Nixdorf Institute, Paderborn University, Paderborn, Alemania
26 Julio 2019 -
1:00pm hasta 2:00pm
Research on Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) has led to quite a number of astonishing technical solutions that are becoming standard in many application domains affecting our everyday life.
Tobias Meuser, Multimedia Communications Lab (KOM), Technische Universität Darmstadt, Alemania
19 Junio 2019 -
1:00pm hasta 2:00pm
Vehicles exchange Floating Car Data (FCD) to improve awareness beyond their local perception and thereby increase traffic safety and comfort.
Anna Maria Mandalari, Research Associate, Dyson School of Design Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Imperial College London, Londres...
12 Junio 2019 -
1:00pm hasta 2:00pm
Today’s Internet hosts are no longer just PCs in people’s homes or enterprises connected over dedicated wires to the Internet. Instead, they span a number of platforms, from phones to smartphones, tablets, laptops and... +
Ricardo Pérez-Marco, Directeur de Recherches, CNRS (IMJ-PRG), París, Francia
5 Junio 2019 -
1:00pm hasta 2:00pm
We correct the double spend race analysis given in Nakamoto's foundational Bitcoin article and give a closed-form formula for the probability of success of a double spend attack using the Regularized Incomplete Beta... +
Joerg Widmer, Research Professor & Research Director, IMDEA Networks Institute, Madrid, España
29 Mayo 2019 -
1:00pm hasta 2:00pm
Future millimeter-wave networks will support very high densities of devices and access points. This vastly increases the overhead required for access point selection and beam training.
Miembros del consejo científico de IMDEA Networks y ponentes invitados
20 Mayo 2019 - 1:30pm hasta 21 Mayo 2019 - 1:00pm
En este taller de trabajo, un grupo de expertos de renombre ofrecerá presentaciones clave y participará en paneles para evaluar dónde se encuentra hoy la investigación de redes y, lo que es más importante, hacia dónde... +
Jaime Llorca, Senior Research Scientist, Algorithms, Analytics, and Augmented Intelligence Lab, Nokia Bell Labs, Nueva Jersey, EE.UU...
10 Mayo 2019 -
1:00pm hasta 2:00pm
Distributed cloud networking builds on software-defined networking and network function virtualization to enable the deployment of a wide range of services in the form of elastic software functions instantiated over... +
Ambuj Varshney, Postdoctoral Researcher, Uppsala University, Suecia
8 Mayo 2019 -
1:00pm hasta 2:00pm
Past decades have seen a significant research effort to develop the vision of ubiquitous sensing, guided by visions such as “smartdust”.  Yet, even after two decades, sensing applications, are not ubiquitous and are... +
Authorities and Czech and IMDEA Networks researchers
4 Abril 2019 -
9:30am hasta 2:00pm
La Embajada de la República Checa en Madrid en colaboración con el Centro Checo en Madrid e IMDEA Networks Institute organizan un evento en el instituto madrileño para presentar sus proyectos de ciencia e investigación... +
Representatives from the IMDEA Networks research and communication teams
28 Marzo 2019 - 10:00am hasta 29 Marzo 2019 - 8:00pm
IMDEA Networks se une a La Feria Madrid por la Ciencia y la Innovación, evento líder nacional para la divulgación de la ciencia y la investigación, que organiza la Fundación para el Conocimiento madri+d. IMDEA Networks... +