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IMDEA Networks includes in its goals the provision of the highest international level of research and technology development capabilities geared to the advancement of future Internet technologies. Our headquarters aim to fulfill the functional requirements of a leading-edge research centre and to attract researchers from around the World.

The main objective of our office and lab space is to provide a high quality working environment for researchers. We are currently refurbishing our site at Avenida del Mar Mediterraneo in Leganes (Madrid) in order to furnish it with renovated and extended facilities. The new spaces are conceived primarily with researchers' needs and preferences in mind, including spacious premises with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, labs adapted to the needs of our lines of research, with excellent communications and ICT infrastructure, and specific research equipment.

At our scientific laboratories we aim to transform our research results into high value-added products and services. They allow us to perform:

  • The measurements and prototypes of the devices, protocols and algorithms developed by our researchers.
  • Simulations of highly complex baseband and medium access control systems, as well as sophisticated radio subsystems.
  • Radio parameter measurements involved in mobile and fixed communications and evaluation of effects on the radio spectrum of the new protocols and algorithms designed in the Institute.
  • The development and deployment of reliable, high-performance networked systems, of software defined networking, and of novel architectures and protocols for behavioral networking and for network economics.