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Getting Around

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Below you may find general indications about how to get to our premises in Leganes, Madrid, as well as useful information related to Madrid public transport services. For detailed instructions about how to reach IMDEA Networks' offices (including those at UC3M) by car and by public transport, please download this PDF.

By car

Leganes is located approximately 7km South West of Madrid city centre. The airport is approximately the same distance to the North East of the city centre. Please refer to the following map, with detailed directions explaining how to arrive by car:

Map: Madrid Barajas Airport to UC3M Leganes Campus

Map: Madrid Barajas Airport to IMDEA Networks

By public transport

There are good public transport links between Leganes, Madrid Barajas Airport and Madrid city centre. 

To and from the Airport

Barajas T4The most convenient way to travel to and from the airport is by metro. When coming from the airport, heading to either Leganes or Madrid city centre, take Metro line 8 to Nuevos Ministerios. This is the final stop on line 8. From there you can take the train network (called Cercanias, in Spanish) directly to Atocha Renfe Station (all train lines link these two stations).

From Atocha Renfe follow the directions below ("Between Leganes and Madrid city centre") for instructions on how to arrive at Leganes.

Alternatively, you can use Nuevos Ministerios (or Atocha Renfe) as starting points to explore Madrid city centre by Metro.

Between Madrid city centre and Leganes

Logo CercaniasThe "Cercanias" train network is the easiest way to travel from Madrid city centre to Leganes. From Atocha Renfe train station (which is connected to the Metro by line 1) take train line C-5, direction Fuenlabrada/Humanes, to Leganes Central station. The metro network also reaches this station. From here, it is a short walk to either the UC3M campus or the IMDEA Networks' main office. The latter can also be easily reached by metro stopping at San Nicasio station.

Towards UC3M: As you leave the station, walk in the direction from which the train came (back towards Madrid, to the right of and parallel to the train tracks all the time). You will be walking along the street Calle de Santa Rosa. After a few minutes you will reach a roundabout with a monument to Sabatini. From here you can see the entrance to the main buildings of the UC3M Leganes campus straight in front of you.

Map: University Carlos III of Madrid, Leganes campus

Towards IMDEA Networks's main office from Leganes Central Station: As you leave the station, take the right hand exit to Avenida del Cobre. Go left towards the parking exit, and then turn right. You will find yourself in Avenida del Cobre. Continue straight ahead onto Calle de Navarra. Cross the avenue to reach Calle Río Urbión. Go through a roundabout (you will still be walking along the street Calle Río Urbión). On the next roundabout, turn right towards Avenida del Mar Mediterráneo and follow on straight ahead until you reach building number 22.

Map: How to arrive from Leganés Central to IMDEA Networks Main Office

Towards IMDEA Networks's main office from San Nicasio Station: once you leave the station, go left towards the Av del Mar Mediterráneo exit. Follow on straight ahead and 6 min later you will arrive at Av del Mar Mediterraneo, 22.

Map: How to arrive from San Nicasio to IMDEA Networks Main Office

Up to date information on timetables and prices for Cercanías trains can be found on the official RENFE site and for the underground train system on Metromadrid site.

Logo Metro MadridIn Madrid city centre

Within Madrid the easiest way to get around is by Metro. In the city centre you will never be more than 10 minutes away from a Metro station and it is quick and reliable.

Prices (correct as of February 2018)

Since January 1, 2018, magnetic cards are no longer in use. The only valid titles for traveling on the metro network will be contactless researchable cards, such as the “Multi-Card” (tarjeta Multi.)

The Multi-Card is valid for ten years and can be purchased on Metro machines or at usual points of sale, such as tobacconists, for € 2.50.

This card can load up to three transport tickets: single Metro ticket (*), metrobus or bonobus (ten intercity bus trips) and can be used by different people. Example: Simple title MetroSur + Metrobús + 10 Viajes MetroNorte.

(*) Single journey tickets of the Metro network must be used on the date of purchase.

Single Metromadrid ticket - 1,50 - 2€*

(*) Minimum price of €1.5 up to 5 stations; €0.10 per additional station, up to a maximum of €2 for journeys of more than 9 stations. It is only valid on the date of purchase.

Valid for one journey only between Metro stations in the municipality of Madrid (Price Zone A) and ML1

10 Metrobus journeys – 12,20 €

The Metrobus ticket is valid for 10 journeys either on MetroMadrid or EMT (buses), indistinctly, with which it is not necessary to have a different ticket for each form of transport. It is valid in all Metro stations within Zone A and all EMT stops, except for the Plaza de Colon-Airport route.


Single MetroSur ticket. 1,50 €

Valid for one journey only between the stations of Line 12 and those of Puerta del Sur and Joaquin Vilumbrales on Line 10.

10 MetroSur journeys - 11.20 €

The 10 MetroSur journeys ticket is valid for any journey within the MetroSur network, made up of Line 12 and Puerta del Sur and Joaquin Vilumbrales stations on Line 10.

**Special Service rates for the Airport T1-T2-T3 and Airport T-4 stations. Passengers travelling with Transport Season Tickets (Zone A), Tourist Season Tickets and or AENA cards do not need to pay the special rate.

Single Underground Ticket+Supplement Airport  4,50 - 5 €

Combined Single Ticket+Supplement Airport  6 €


The Metro runs between 6am and 1:30am (Note: the last train reaches its final destination at 1:30am, therefore depending on your location you will need to catch the train before that time.)

Useful links

A note on buses

Madrid has a large network of public buses.The “red” bus stops are easily spotted and each has a timetable attached to it.

Buses operate daily from 06:00 to 23:30, depending on the line.

From 23:30 to 05:00am special night services operate.

If you wish to consult up to date timetables, or find out which bus number you require for your journey, click here to go to the official EMT site