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Research Engineering & Support

The Research Engineering & Support unit at IMDEA Networks is dedicated to supporting the continued growth in our research capacity and maximizing the impact of our research output by providing specific technical and professional expertise and assistance to ongoing research endeavors in a variety of ways. Research Engineering & Support personnel work either at the level of the entire Institute, or closely with researchers and their groups. There are roles with an engineering background that take care of the design, installation and maintenance of the IT infrastructure. Other roles may, for instance, provide administrative or operational support to project or lab management.

Typical jobs include systems administration, research (software and/or hardware) engineering, project or research administrator and laboratory technician. These positions are similar to their industry equivalents. They enable our employees to work on cutting-edge research problems and technology in a stimulating and innovative environment.

Support Engineer/Software Developer

IMDEA Networks Institute is a networking research organization whose multinational team is engaged in cutting-edge fundamental science. As a growing, English-speaking institute located in Madrid, Spain, IMDEA Networks offers a unique opportunity for pioneering scientists to develop their ideas.

IMDEA Networks Institute is looking to hire a Research Support Engineer for the Engineering department. This position will report directly to the Engineering Manager. The Research Support Engineer will be responsible for the development and maintenance of key software created internally for research and information processing purposes.

The Engineering Department is responsible for providing world class equipment, infrastructure and services designed to attract top international researchers to the Institute and to facilitate and support their research tasks.

Skills Required

  • Programming languages: Ruby, PHP, nice to know Elixir, Perl
  • Web frameworks: Ruby on Rails, Phoenix, nice to know DocPad, Sinatra
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, MariaDB, nice to know MongoDB
  • Web development: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript
  • Web content management systems: WordPress, Drupal, Wikis
  • Object-oriented programming. Client/server applications.
  • Tools: nice to know Dspace, Alfresco, Xibo, Audiovisual Systems, Slack
  • Demonstrate proficient knowledge of relevant software engineering tools (configuration management systems, build processes, version control (Git), debuggers, emulators, simulators and logic analyzers)
  • Knowledge of digital media/social media, particularly of web-based channels such as websites, blogs, social media, forums, etc.
  • Strong project management, problem-solving, organizational and planning skills are a must


  • Excellent level of English and Spanish. All interviews will be held in English

List of tasks and Responsibilities

  • Research, design, develop, modify, install, test and maintain web-based & desktop software systems to support the Institute’s research work
  • Be capable of analyzing, designing and establishing ad-hoc functional and system requirements based on specifications
  • Guarantee the architectural integrity and the quality, scalability and adaptability of all software developments
  • Customize, adapt and/or upgrade off-the-shelf, open source and in-house software applications
  • Lead the testing process
  • Analyze and resolve technical and application issues
  • Develop technical support materials: prepare and update documentation about the state, functionality and maintenance of the software
  • Be able to manage projects under the supervision of a manager; act as technical leader and serve as mentor to a small team of trainees when needed
  • Stay informed and up to date with current trends in IT technology and development, and be proactive in proposing and leading improvements to existing tools and processes based on that acquired knowledge
  • Work collaboratively and professionally with other IMDEA Networks personnel to achieve goals. Coaching and guiding
  • Apply a sense of urgency, commitment and focus on the right priorities in developing solutions in a timely fashion

How To Apply

If you are interested and believe that you qualify, please apply using our recruiting tool at https://careers.networks.imdea.org. After completing your personal profile, move on to Open Positions and select “Support Engineer/Software Developer”.

Deadline for Receipt of Applications

26 October 2018