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DTL 2017
Jul 03 2017
The Data Transparency Lab (DTL) announced today the projects that will benefit from a 50,000 euro grant to develop applications that allow users to be aware of how companies use their personal data throughout the Internet. Researchers at IMDEA... +
5G Debate
Jun 30 2017
With the first 5G networks less than two years away, debate continues to rage about the exact nature of the technology and what it should and should not do.
5G Mobile Transport Platform
Jun 27 2017
The 5G-TRANSFORMER project, part of the European H2020 5G Public Private Partnership (5G-PPP) Infrastructure, will define and develop an innovative 5G Mobile Transport Network Platform aimed at supporting vertical industries (particularly focusing... +
Jun 23 2017
The Community of Madrid will allocate this year 18.6 million euros to support the scientific activity of the seven IMDEA research institutes. IMDEA Networks receives 2.16 million.
La Razon 5G
Jun 20 2017
5G technology will support the Internet of Things. The number of connected terminals will be multiplied by 150 and will exceed one million million.
IMDEA Networks
Jun 16 2017
​As a result of its Alliance with 5TONIC, an organization created by TELEFÓNICA and IMDEA Networks Institute and of which ERICSSON is also a member, the IFEMA LAB will work on the development of the 5G technology to be applied in the fields of... +
Jun 16 2017
Narseo Vallina-Rodríguez was interviewed on May 31st, 2017 by the Data Transparency Lab (DTL) about his current research work and, most particularly, about the Lumen app he is developing with the aim to improve transparency and provide awareness to... +
Jun 15 2017
As Europe embraces the Fourth Industrial Revolution the path to digitize European industry is being laid out by pioneering initiatives such as 5TONIC. The Madrid-based Open 5G Lab, which is headquartered at the research institute IMDEA Networks,... +
Future Internet
Jun 09 2017
To tackle this all-important question in the Digital Age, the research Institute IMDEA Networks, in collaboration with University Carlos III of Madrid, has just celebrated its 9th Annual Workshop under the motto: «Enabling future internet... +
Jun 08 2017
Once you grant an app permission to collect your information, it can share your data with anyone the app’s developer wants to – letting third-party companies track where you are, how fast you’re moving and what you’re doing.