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Researchers Night
Sep 30 2010
Institute IMDEA Networks has thrown its support behind Researchers’ Night, held in different European Union cities to bring science to the people.
Dr Vincenzo Mancuso
Sep 24 2010
Dr. Mancuso brings to the team broad experience in areas such as network protocols and performance analysis.
Wireless device modules in FLAVIA
Sep 20 2010
Institute IMDEA Networks is to participate in FLAVIA, a new project that aims to enable wireless networks to rapidly evolve to suit new demands.
Antonio Fernández Anta
Sep 13 2010
Dr. Fernández Anta brings to the team more than 15 years of research experience in areas such as communications and networks, distributed computing, algorithms, and discrete and applied mathematics.
Joerg Widmer
Sep 09 2010
Dr. Widmer brings to the team extensive experience in areas including wireless and peer-to-peer communications, ad-hoc networking, Internet architectures, protocol design and transport issues such as congestion control.
Overview of the MEDIEVAL system
Aug 16 2010
Institute IMDEA Networks is to participate in MEDIEVAL, a new project that aims to enable today's mobile internet architecture to handle the efficient distribution of high-quality video.
Dr. Nicolas Georganas
Jul 28 2010
It is with profound regret that Institute IMDEA Networks announces the death of long-time collaborator Dr. Nicolas D. Georganas. Dr Georganas, 67, passed away last Tuesday, July 27th. He was Distinguished University Professor at the School of... +
Social Networks
Jul 09 2010
The Institute IMDEA Networks is taking innovative steps to identify, engage with and attract brilliant young scientists who will help shape the future internet. The Institute is extending its outreach to... +
Researchers Night
Jul 07 2010
Researchers' Night is a festive event covered by the PEOPLE Programme, 7th European Framework Programme, to be held in more than 250 European cities on the night of 24th September 2010.