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Oct 04 2018
The 5TONIC team are recently returned from a successful visit to European Microwave Week 2018 (EuMW 2018) - a six day international event that included a special three day (September 25-28) exhibition in Madrid’s IFEMA Congress center.
Oct 02 2018
Who doesn’t have web accounts and faces a daily challenge of having to save and remember a plethora of usernames and passwords? An international team of researchers has unveiled a new secure authentication platform for mobile devices that links all... +
Sep 25 2018
Researchers from the University of Haifa and two teams from the IMDEA Networks Institute have developed a new autonomous system to monitor schools of fish in real-time using acoustic and optical technologies.
Sep 17 2018
There are currently millions of heavily underutilized devices in the World. The storage, networking, sensing and computational power of laptops, smartphones, routers or base stations grows with each new version and product release. Why not put all... +
Sep 10 2018
IMDEA Networks is offering salaried PhD Student positions to aspiring researchers who wish to launch their careers in the development of leading-edge future network technologies. 
Sep 05 2018
Our 5TONIC partners at CommScope yesterday announced some enhancements to their OneCell C-RAN small cell solution.  
Aug 31 2018
There are many barriers to innovation in wireless communications. Inadequate documentation; uncooperative chipset manufacturers; widely varying hardware and software specifications; steep learning curves in the experimentation phase and difficulties... +
Aug 24 2018
As 5G prepares for commercial launch, more work is necessary on the use cases that will justify the steep investment required.
Aug 20 2018
Blockchain is an emerging technology first used for digital currency transactions in Bitcoin. Thanks to emerging blockchain platforms, it is now recognized as a more general-purpose technology - a kind of distributed database and computational... +
Aug 14 2018
The 5TONIC co-creation laboratory recently gave an impressive demonstration of future 5G use cases to Julio Linares Lopez, chair of the GSMA’s strategy group and member of its Board. A group of 5TONIC’s senior executives from the member companies... +