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Sep 16 2011
According to a new study, access networks including modems, home gateways, and DSL Access Multiplexers (DSLAMs), are responsible for 70-80% of total network-based energy consumption.... +
Sep 13 2011
Dr. Antonio de la Oliva is to act as Vice-Chair of the IEEE 802.21b standards group on Media Independent Handover Services... +
Jul 27 2011
More than 19 research centers, R & D companies and a cultural center will join a European project that aims to create an observatory of the economic crisis and social dynamics, with the intensive use of new technologies and supercomputing, using... +
Jun 28 2011
The Community of Madrid and Carlos III University in Madrid (UC3M) are jointly building an international centre of excellence for research into communications networks. TecnoLeganés will host the future headquarters of IMDEA Networks.
Prof Dr Dirk Helbing
Jun 27 2011
Interview with Dirk Helbing, Chair of Sociology, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
Tree bulb
May 30 2011
Institute IMDEA Networks is to participate in a new project aiming to develop theories and techniques for globally reducing energy consumption in wireline networks.
Gianluca Rizzo
May 26 2011
Interview with Gianluca Antonio Rizzo. Staff Researcher, Institute IMDEA Networks