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Sep 24 2012
Dr. Wolf brings to the team extensive research experience in areas broadly including computer networks, future Internet architecture, router design, multi-core packet processors, and embedded system and network security.... +
Sep 20 2012
The locations of the world's most prolific uploaders of content to the Pirate Bay have been revealed by a team of academics.
Sep 18 2012
And everyone’s. Would you be able to imagine your life without computers, airplanes, phones, antibiotics or X-rays? Because science lies behind all these things and virtually everything in your daily life. And, if science is there, it’s because of... +
Sep 13 2012
A platform to monitor the efficiency and quality of service of mobile Wi-Fi Access points is being developed successfully.... +
Sep 12 2012
One of the main reasons why torrent downloads are dreaded by users who are not familiar enough with this environment are fake torrent downloads.
Sep 11 2012
BitTorrent is not immune from malware. Sites like The Pirate Bay, due the huge volume of contents distributed from them, obviously contain a lot of scams, fakes and malware among their... +
Sep 10 2012
P2P networks do not escape being a vehicle for the transmission of malicious files. A new software tool developed in Spain, Torrent Guard, will serve us as our ally to prevent and easily detect this type of files that disguise themselves under the... +
Aug 29 2012
Dr. Kostić, holder of a prestigious European Research Council (ERC) Starting Investigator Award since 2010, devotes... +
Aug 27 2012
One third of all torrents uploaded to The Pirate Bay point to malware or scams, researchers report. While Pirate Bay moderators are usually quick to remove suspect torrents they can’t prevent millions of people from downloading these fake files.
Jul 12 2012
Interview with Zhi-Li Zhang, professor at the department of Computer Science and Engineering of the University of Minnesota (USA), and Chair of Excellence at Carlos III University of Madrid, sponsored by the Telematic Engineering department.