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Pierrre Francois
Nov 15 2011
Dr. Francois will contribute broad experience in areas such as IP Networking, Routing, Routing Architectures and Routing Economics.... +
IMDEA Networks
Nov 11 2011
P.M. Romer affirms that know-how of a production function is an irreplaceable factor in current economic development. It is what allows rate of return on investment to grow steadily, and is the defining aspect of an economy’s ability to generate... +
Nov 07 2011
This week mi+dtv will discuss the effect of bilingualism in Alzheimer disease; TRILOGY project for a safer Internet; and new activities on Science Week 2011. The news about TRILOGY project highlights research conducted by a scientific institution... +
Nov 03 2011
Twitter is currently one of the most popular and fastest growing applications in the internet. Created in 2006 by Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone, it is a micro-blogging system which has rapidly attracted... +
Oct 31 2011
With YouTube reaching 3 billion views per day and 2 days' worth of uploaded videos every minute in 2011, Internet traffic has reached unprecedented figures. Demand, coupled with increasing security threats, has led to a decrease in bandwidth... +
Oct 26 2011
Although wireless communication, especially on the frontier-like ISM band, is fraught with hidden dangers, the vendors working together in the IEEE and Wi-Fi Alliance have managed to successfully shepherd wireless LAN technology from humble... +
Oct 24 2011
EU-funded project TRILOGY has seen European researchers improve Internet traffic management and preserve high quality connections: all this in the context of present-day social, economic and technical demands.
Oct 13 2011
With tens of millions of users, download events every day, 60% of Europe’s upstream traffic and 20% of its downstream traffic, BitTorrent is the world’s most popular P2P file-sharing application and represents a significant portion of current... +
Sep 29 2011
An award-winning study tackles the challenge of energy saving in wireless cellular networks, proposing innovative solutions for energy performance optimization and a holistic approach to further research and development on this topic of fundamental... +