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Pablo Jiménez Mateo
Sep 30 2016
Pablo Jiménez Mateo has become a member of the IMDEA Networks research team. He will be working as a PhD Student within the Wireless Networking Group led by Dr. Joerg Widmer, whilst he undertakes the Ph.D. program at University Carlos III of Madrid... +
Roberto Battiti
Sep 28 2016
Prof. Dr. Roberto Battiti has been appointed to the eminent role of Cátedra de Excelencia (Chair of Excellence) by University Carlos III of Madrid, sponsored by Banco Santander. He has joined IMDEA Networks Institute as a Visiting Professor during... +
Ericsson’s pre-commercial 5G
Sep 22 2016
In the European race to make 5G a reality by the year 2020, time and opportunity are of the essence. At the Madrid-based 5TONIC Lab, Ericsson is already conducting viability tests of a novel networking technology that aspires to enable the prompt... +
Arturo Azcorra
Sep 21 2016
Interview with Arturo Azcorra, tenured professor in the Telematics Engineering Department at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain in the context of the European Researchers’ Night in Madrid 2016.
European 5G
Sep 21 2016
Professor Arturo Azcorra, Chairman of the Expert Advisory Group of the NetWorld2020 European Technology Platform and Vice chairman of the 5TONIC Lab, has been invited by the European Commission (EC) to join a European 5G scientific delegation to... +
Internet in 2040
Sep 19 2016
How will Internet be and how will it work a quarter of a century from now? To answer this question, Efe interviewed Spanish engineer Gonzalo Camarillo, the chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Internet Society–ISOC, who tells us that by 2040,... +
Best paper award
Sep 16 2016
The publication 'Speeding Up mmWave Beam Training through Low-Complexity Hybrid Transceivers', authored by a team of IMDEA Networks researchers has been recognized with the Best Student Paper Award at the 27th Annual IEEE International Symposium on... +
Radio exterior de España
Sep 15 2016
Arturo Azcorra, Director of IMDEA Networks Institute and Full Professor at University Carlos III of Madrid, is interviewed by the radio station Radio Exterior de España on the topic of 5G communications.
Sep 09 2016
Arturo Azcorra, Director of IMDEA Networks Institute and Full Professor at University Carlos III of Madrid, was interviewed yesterday by the radio station Cadena SER MADRID SUR 94.4 FM. In this radio interview Dr. Azcorra explains the meaning and... +
Sep 07 2016
Over the last year IMDEA Networks researchers have been part of Flex5Gware, a project launched as part of the joint European effort to make 5G communications a reality by the year 2020. IMDEA Networks has established itself firmly at the heart of... +