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IMDEA Networks key partner in 5G program launched by Ericsson

IMDEA Networks Institute has been included as one of the key 5G partners in the cross-industry 5G research and development program launched by Ericsson under the name 5G for Europe.

Ericsson has announced its new academia and industrial partners in the company´s extensive 5G program: 5G for Europe. Among its key partners are IMDEA Networks, a research institute on the forefront of 5G research in Europe.

In March 2015, Ericsson launched the 5G for Sweden R&D program, together with partners in Swedish industry and academia. 5G for Europe broadens this initiative to seven countries and 10 institutions, with further partners to be included over time.

The 5G for Europe program brings together industry, public sector and academia with a view to strengthening the competitiveness of European industry. Driven by Ericsson, the program will focus on delivering research, innovation and industrial pilots that use next-generation 5G networks as an enabler. The program also aims to enable industries to digitalize effectively, to create new value and strengthen the competitive position of European industry and to maximize the benefits of the Networked Society.

The program will initiate cross-industry research collaborations focused on the integration of ICT in industry processes, products and services, consolidating Europe's position as the region with the world's second largest R&D investment. The program will also create innovation projects that enable smaller companies to cooperate with a wide range of industry players, to interact with academia, and to secure early and affordable technology access.

IMDEA Networks is one of the main leaders at European level in the field of 5G networks. Among the 5G research projects carried out by the Madrid Institute are the ongoing projects SEARCHLIGHT, TIGRE-CM and CLOUD4BIGDATA, and the recently concluded CROWD and iJOIN projects.