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Thomas Plagemann
Prof. Dr. Thomas Plagemann, University of Oslo (Norway)
24 March 2010
His talk consists out of two parts. The first part will give an overview on the current research activities and achievements of the Distributed Multimedia Systems Research Group at the University of Oslo. This includes... +
3D network
Prof. Dr. Michael Devetsikiotis, IEEE Communication Society Distinguished Lecturer 2008-2011; Professor, Department of Electrical and...
22 March 2010
Combined advances in high speed networking, mobile devices, application sharing, web services, virtual world technologies and large scale event processing are converging to create a new world of pervasive, ubiquitous “... +
Jaime Garcia Reinoso
Jaime Garcia-Reinoso
17 March 2010
Nowadays it is possible to watch some TV channels in the Internet using P2P mechanisms. There are basically two ways to construct a P2P network to transmit streaming video: mesh-based and tree-based (there is also a mix... +
Vincenzo Mancuso
Dr. Vincenzo Mancuso
05 March 2010
The performance of IP flows in Wireless Mesh Networks is unfairly biased by the unplanned compounding behavior of MAC and transport protocols. This compounding protocol behavior can undesirably result in complete... +
Rade Stanojevic
Dr. Rade Stanojevic
26 February 2010
Existing cloud computing platforms offer virtually unlimited compute resources (virtual machines, bandwidth, storage, etc.) that can be used on demand. Such on-demand model offers significant elasticity to the customers... +
Michal Kryczka
Michal Kryczka
17 February 2010
Due to the increasing popularity of P2P systems and their contribution to overall Internet traffic, it is essential to understand how content, which is the main attraction in P2P systems, is fed. The main goal of this... +
Gianluca Rizzo
Gianluca Rizzo
10 February 2010
The steadily raising energy costs and the increasing number of evidences of climate changes induced by high levels of CO2 in the atmosphere have brought the issue of a sustainable use of energy to the attention of... +
Alex Bikfalvi
Alex Bikfalvi
03 February 2010
Already a popular application in the Internet, IPTV is becoming, among the service providers, a preferred alternative to conventional Broadcasting technologies. Since many of the existing deployments have been done... +
Emilio Davila Gonzalez (European Commission); Arnaud de La Fortelle (INRIA); Thierry Ernst (INRIA); Carlos J. Bernardos (IMDEA Networks...
29 January 2010
The GeoNet consortium invites you to attend its final workshop as a unique opportunity to learn more about IPv6 geonetworking and the link between IPv6 geonetworking and the related ITS development in CAR 2 CAR... +
Pablo Serrano
Dr. Pablo Serrano
27 January 2010
A lot of attention has been given to multihop wireless networks lately. This attention has motivated an increase in the number of 802.11-based deployments, both indoor and outdoor, used to perform measurement studies to... +