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Pradeep Bangera, Research Assistant at Institute IMDEA Networks
13 July 2011
ISPs (Internet Service Providers) typically operate as commercial ASes (Autonomous Systems) and obtain revenue by delivering IP (Internet Protocol) traffic of their customers. In particular, the provider-free ASes -... +
Obscure Giants
Syed Hasan, Research Assistant at IMDEA Networks
06 July 2011
We study the detection of the provider-free AS set (PFS), i.e., the set of those Autonomous Systems (ASes) that reach the entire Internet without paying anyone for the traffic delivery. Using trustworthy but non-... +
Dr. Ruben Cuevas, Assistant Professor at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
29 June 2011
Twitter is one of the most used applications in the current Internet with more than 200M accounts created so far. As other large-scale systems Twitter can obtain benefit by exploiting the Locality effect existing among... +
Michal Kryczka, Research Assistant, Institute IMDEA Networks
22 June 2011
Fake content represents an important portion of those files shared in BitTorrent. In this paper we conduct a large scale measurement study in order to analyse the fake content publishing phenomenon in the BitTorrent... +
Visual Environments
Abdulmotaleb El Saddik, University Research Chair and Professor, School of Information Technology and Engineering, University of Ottawa...
15 June 2011
Multimedia and information technology are reaching limits in terms of what can be done in multimedia applications with only sight and sound. The next critical step is to bring the sense of “touch” over network... +
Queueing Networks
Neil Walton, Assistant Professor at University of Amsterdam
08 June 2011
We consider multi-class single server queueing networks that have a product form stationary distribution. A new limit result proves a sequence of such networks converges weakly to a stochastic flow level model. The... +
Andres Garcia Saavedra, PhD Candidate, NETCOM Research Group
01 June 2011
​Abstract-Greening the communication protocols is nowadays recognized as a primary design goal of future global network infrastructures. The objective function for optimization is the amount of information transmitted... +
Speaker: Iljitsch van Beijnum, Research Assistant, Institute IMDEA NetworksLocation: Room 4. 1F03, Telematics Department, Torres Quevedo Building, University Carlos III of Madrid, Avda. Universidad, 30, 28911 Leganes –... +
Game Theory
Dr. Walid Saad, Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Electrical Engineering Department at Princeton University
19 May 2011
Game theoretical techniques have recently become prevalent in a wide range of engineering applications, notably, in wireless and communication networks. With the emergence of novel networking paradigms such as cognitive... +
Members of IMDEA Networks’ Scientific Council and invitees
18 May 2011
Institute IMDEA Networks annually holds a by-invitation-only thematic workshop in Madrid. The workshop accompanies a meeting of our Scientific Council comprised by prominent researchers. In addition to talks by... +