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Wireless networking

Opportunistic Scheduling "DOS" technique to improve performance of wireless networks

28 March 2012 -- imdea

A new research study claims that the design of algorithms over Distributed Opportunistic Scheduling (DOS) systems brings high benefits in the performance of wireless networks. The implementation of opportunistic techniques allows to fully exploit the available resources in many realistic scenarios.

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Wi-Fi: cutting the cord

24 November 2011 -- imdea

The story of the development of wireless local area networks (WLAN) is a good example of how a research project can open the doors to a whole new industry. Back in the 70s, a research team at the University of Hawaii was unsatisfied with the data connections over the telephone network that they used to access the central computers from remote locations. They envisioned a wireless network that transmitted digital data using radio communications. And they built it.

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Looking for maximum energy efficiency in wireless cellular access networks

29 September 2011 -- imdea

An award-winning study tackles the challenge of energy saving in wireless cellular networks, proposing innovative solutions for energy performance optimization and a holistic approach to further research and development on this topic of fundamental socio-economic importance.

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