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Vehicular networks

5TONIC Members take center stage at EuCNC Conference

27 June 2019 -- seltime-editor

Member companies of the 5TONIC, one of the first 5G use cases co-creation laboratories based in Madrid, took center stage at last week’s European Conference on Networks and Communications (EuCNC 2019) in Valencia, delivering demonstrations, workshops and presentations that highlighted the lab’s work advancing 5G technology – especially within vertical market applications.

FLYNET: Micro and Nano Aerial Vehicle Networks for Civilian Use

29 October 2014 -- diego_lucero

Domenico Giustiniano, a Research Assistant Professor at IMDEA Networks, is co-chairing the Workshop FLYNET: Micro and Nano Aerial Vehicle Networks for Civilian Use, to be hosted at ETH Zürich, on November 3-5, 2014. This event presents a program of distinguished invited speakers, experts in key domains of micro and nano aerial vehicle (MAV and NAV) systems.

The Future: Smart roads and cooperative cars

12 February 2010 -- imdea

The significant increase of traffic accidents on European roads as a result of the growing demand and concentration of vehicles and drivers over the last decade, has driven .EU countries to take action in the shape of political and financial cooperation. The European Commission (EC) and the automotive industry have committed themselves to halving loss of life by 2010. In this context, and since 2008, IMDEA-Networks, in collaboration with NETCOM Research Group from University Carlos III of Madrid, have been actively involved in the development of GeoNet (Geoaddressing and Georouting for vehicular communications) project. This project concluded on January 29th at INRIA’s premises in Paris, with the celebration of a Final Workshop, which consisted of a joint public presentation of its achievements.

GeoNet successfully concluded by Final Workshop

04 February 2010 -- imdea

GeoNet concluded its activity with its Final Workshop that took place 29 January 2010 in INRIA’s premises in Paris, France. IPv6 GeoNetworking was presented together with its link with the related ITS development in CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium, CVIS implementation and ETSI TC ITS standardization. Moreover the functionalities of IPv6 GeoNetworking was shown in a real system including 3 cars, 2 road-side units and a control center. A (very simple) enhanced driver awareness application was demonstrated and numerous attendees could enjoy a ride to see the achievement.

Communic@ting Cars

15 April 2008 -- imdea

Cars will be capable of exchanging information between one another and the surrounding area thanks to Internet and Wi-Fi connections, preventing accidents and traffic jams. However, the first vehicles of this kind will not arrive until 2015.

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