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Underwater networks

Innovative Autonomous System for Identifying Schools of Fish

18 June 2018 -- op-net-admin

The SYMBIOSIS system integrates acoustic and optical technologies without human intervention. The system is the product of an international scientific initiative under the EU’s Horizon 2020 program. Real-time monitoring of schools of fish will inform the development of fishing policy and lead to enhanced protection of the marine environment.

Underwater acoustic localization of marine mammals and vehicles

17 November 2017 -- imdea-admin

Researchers at IMDEA Networks (Spain) in collaboration with University of Haifa (Israel) have developed an underwater acoustic system for the localization of marine mammals, underwater vehicles and other sound sources in the ocean, using no more than a single hydrophone (basically an underwater microphone) as a receiver.

€340.000 to deliver an advanced autonomous platform for securing marine infrastructures

06 September 2017 -- imdea-admin

Researchers at IMDEA Networks are working on a €340.000 project called ThreatDetect, funded by the NATO Science for Peace and Security (SPS) Programme. The project aims at building an autonomous platform for securing marine infrastructures from external threats, such as intruding divers.

Exploiting the near-far effect in underwater acoustic networks

14 April 2016 -- carlos_contreras

Research activities in networks and future wireless communications are not merely restricted to on-land scenarios. Underwater acoustic networking is an emerging research area that is attracting more and more attention. Paolo Casari, Assistant Research Professor and leader of the Ubiquitous Wireless Networks Group at IMDEA Networks gives us a brief introduction to some of the aspects of this fascinating research area.

Underwater networks

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