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Networked systems

Structure is the key

31 October 2013 - 9:42am -- imdea-editor

Science has historically taken an analytical approach to studying the world and nature, breaking them down into their constituent parts and studying each part separately. The aim has been to derive the properties of the whole from the properties of its parts.

Network agility publication winner of the IETF/IRTF Applied Networking Research Prize

14 June 2013 - 9:38am -- imdea-admin

The network infrastructure of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) undergoes constant evolution. Whenever new requirements arise (e.g., the deployment of a new Point of Presence, or a change in the business relationships with a neighboring ISP), operators need to change the configuration of the network. Maintaining service availability during reconfigurations that involve the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is a challenge for network operators. This is due both to the complexity of BGP, which is the protocol most commonly used by ISPs to make core routing decisions on the Internet, and to the lack of methodologies and tools adequate to the task. 


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