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Energy-efficient networks

Innovative Autonomous System for Identifying Schools of Fish

18 June 2018 -- op-net-admin

The SYMBIOSIS system integrates acoustic and optical technologies without human intervention. The system is the product of an international scientific initiative under the EU’s Horizon 2020 program. Real-time monitoring of schools of fish will inform the development of fishing policy and lead to enhanced protection of the marine environment.

Sustainable Embedded Wireless Systems Reduce Environmental Impact of ICT

09 March 2018 -- imdea-admin

Renowned international scientists have presented first-level research results on the intersection of embedded systems and wireless networks at the EWSN 2018 conference. The international event covered a wide range of topics going from energy constrained applications, security, emerging networking paradigms and protocols to distributed computing and cyber physical systems. Special emphasis was put on the reduction of the carbon footprint that the increasing use of ICT technologies imposes on the planet.

Looking for maximum energy efficiency in wireless cellular access networks

29 September 2011 -- imdea

An award-winning study tackles the challenge of energy saving in wireless cellular networks, proposing innovative solutions for energy performance optimization and a holistic approach to further research and development on this topic of fundamental socio-economic importance.

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