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​Think how much the Internet and advanced digital mobile networks have changed the world. And before those, the fixed phone network and the telegraph. Each of these communication networks is made possible by advances in physics, electrical engineering and computer science as well as international cooperation in international standards organizations such as ITU, IEEE and IETF.

Researchers at IMDEA Networks study the emergent properties of today's highly complex networks in order to be able to improve the algorithms and protocols that allow these networks to operate. This is part of world-wide efforts to create networks of the future that support seamless wireless communication, effective peer-to-peer self-organization and high speeds coupled with energy efficient operation.

Computer networking research consists of creating mathematical models of networks as well as validating theories through simulations and measurements in testbeds or real-world deployments. IMDEA Networks scientists conduct independent, state-of-the art research, adjusting their focus to respond effectively to the continuous need for innovative solutions engendered by shifting technological challenges. Our researchers publish at top conferences and journals, work on a variety of national and EU-funded research projects and participate in standardization bodies such as the IETF.

IMDEA Networks is regularly joined by high profile Visiting Researchers, who infuse ongoing research with additional fresh viewpoints and intellectual strengths.