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Visiting Professors

Visiting Professors share our research interests and spend their sabbatical with us for either one or two terms. They usually have several years' post-doctoral research experience and are interested in extending their horizons with a temporary assignment in a new environment.

Dr. Sungoh KWON
IMDEA Networks Job Title: Visiting Professor
Position: Associate Professor. School of Electrical Engineering. University of Ulsan. Ulsan. Korea
University of origin: University of Ulsan. Ulsan. South Korea
PhD: Routing for Multi-hop Wireless Networks. Purdue University. Indiana. USA
Research: Scheduling Algorithms; Routing Algorithms; Cross-layer Optimization; Energy-efficient Algorithms; Multi-hop Wireless Networks; Small-cell Networks; Heterogeneous Wireless Networks; Vehicular Networks; Indoor Positioning Systems; Geometric Probability
Joining Date: Oct 2016
Phone: +34 91 481 6935
Dr. Roberto BATTITI
IMDEA Networks Job Title: Visiting Professor
Position: Full Professor. Computer Science; Director. LION lab (machine Learning and Intelligent OptimizatioN) for prescriptive analytics
Affiliation: IMDEA Networks Institute and Chair of Excellence University Carlos III of Madrid - Banco Santander
University of origin: Università degli Studi di Trento. Italy
PhD: Neural Networks and Parallel Computing. California Institute of Technology (Caltech). USA
Research: Machine learning and Intelligent Optimization (LION) for improving quality of service in telematics applications: Machine Learning; Intelligent Optimization; Meta-Heuristics; Marketing/Sales; Collaborative Recommendations; Network-related Graph Algorithms; Dynamic Network Management; Startups and Innovation.
Joining Date: Sep 2016
Phone: +34 91 481 6938