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Visiting Professors

Visiting Professors share our research interests and spend their sabbatical with us for either one or two terms. They usually have several years' post-doctoral research experience and are interested in extending their horizons with a temporary assignment in a new environment.

IMDEA Networks Job Title: Visiting Professor
Position: Senior Scientist. NICTA. Melbourne. Australia
Organization of origin: Data61 Unit. CSIRO - Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation. Melbourne. Australia
PhD: Computer Science. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Madrid. Spain
Research: Social And Financial Networks; Crowdsourcing; Urban Economics; Behavioral Game Theory; Evolutionary Dynamics
Joining Date: Aug 2018
Phone: +34 91 481 6930

Dr. Manuel Cebrián has spent previous periods at the Institute as a Visiting Professor, from May to October 2015 and from May to July 2017.

Dr. Roberto GONZÁLEZ
Position: Visiting Professor
Organization of origin: NEC Laboratories Europe. Heidelberg. Baden-Württemberg. Germany
PhD: Telematic Engineering. University Carlos III of Madrid. Madrid. Spain
Research: Machine Learning; Data Mining; Big Data Analytics; Internet Measurements; Internet Services; Online Advertising; User Privacy
Joining Date: May 2018
Phone: +34 91 481 6919