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Elli Zavou
Elli Zavou, Estudiante de doctorado, IMDEA Networks Institute & Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
30 Septiembre 2016 - 11:00am
Everyone is familiar with the problem of online scheduling, even if they are not aware of it; from the way we prioritize our everyday decisions to the way a delivery service must decide on the route to follow in order... +
Representantes de la SETSI y otros órganos de gobierno nacionales, 5TONIC, CDTI, Comisión Europea y empresas TIC
29 Septiembre 2016 -
9:30am hasta 1:30pm
Ponentes del máximo nivel presentarán en esta jornada la futura tecnología de comunicaciones 5G, y los retos y oportunidades que 5G supondrá para múltiples sectores relevantes de la actividad económica. Las grandes... +
FIB efficiency
Dr. Kirill Kogan, Research Assistant Professor, IMDEA Networks Institute
21 Septiembre 2016 -
1:00pm hasta 2:00pm
The Internet routing ecosystem is facing substantial scalability challenges due to continuous, significant growth of the state represented in the data plane.
Large Scale Networks
Prof. Zhiyong Liu, Ph.D., Professor, The Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
13 Julio 2016 -
1:00pm hasta 2:00pm
With rapid development of networks and their proliferated applications, energy consumption of the networks has been a major concern for both network design, management, and applications. Routing protocols and algorithms... +
Social Network
Luis Felipe Chiroque, Estudiante de doctorado, IMDEA Networks Institute & Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, España
29 Junio 2016 -
9:00am hasta 11:00am
Social scientist have traditionally had limited access to data about individuals, like their personality, relationships or tastes. The widespread use of Online Social Networks (OSNs) has changed this drastically, since... +
Data Analysis
Miembros del proyecto de investigación NOTRE
29 Junio 2016 -
7:00pm hasta 9:00pm
This is a Branded event organized for NOTRE project in collaboration with DataBeers. Following the DataBeers format, the event will feature six presentations focused on data usage in a social context and/or social... +
Network Geometry: Theory and Applications
Dr. Fragkiskos Papadopoulos, Department of Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Informatics, Cyprus University of...
29 Junio 2016 -
11:00am hasta 1:00pm
The lack of predictive power over complex systems either designed by humans or evolved by nature, is a foundational problem in contemporary science. Real networks such as the Internet, the Web, social and biological... +
Mobile content
Joerg Widmer, Research Professor, IMDEA Networks Institute, Madrid, Spain
23 Junio 2016 -
4:00pm hasta 5:30pm
The increasing capabilities of mobile communication devices are changing the way people interconnect today. Similarly, almost ubiquitous connectivity is leading to the expectation that data and media are available... +
Joerg Widmer, Research Professor, IMDEA Networks Institute, Madrid, Spain
23 Junio 2016 -
9:00am hasta 10:00am
One of the most promising options to significantly increase data rates in future wireless networks is to vastly increase the communication bandwidth. Such very high bandwidth channels are only available in the extremely... +
Syed Hasan
Syed Hasan, Estudiante de doctorado, IMDEA Networks Institute, Universidad Carlos II de Madrid
20 Junio 2016 -
11:00am hasta 12:00pm
The Internet depends on economic relationships between ASes (Autonomous Systems), which come in different shapes and sizes - transit, content, and access networks. CDNs (Content delivery networks) are also a pivotal... +