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Antonio Fernández Anta
Dr. Antonio Fernández Anta, Laboratorio de Algoritmia Distribuida y Redes (LADyR), Grupo de Sistemas y Comunicaciones (GSyC),...
15 Diciembre 2009 - 10:00am
The problem is interesting for two reasons. First, the cost function closely models the energy consumption of some network elements and network-wide optimization is a well-motivated but under-explored direction for... +
Narasimha Reddy
Prof. Dr. Narasimha Reddy (Cátedra de Excelencia, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid; Visiting Researcher, IMDEA Networks, Madrid; Texas...
9 Diciembre 2009 - 12:00am
Many delay-based congestion protocols have been proposed. Some recent studies have questioned the validity of congestion prediction at end hosts Based on measurement studies. In this talk, we show that end-host based... +
Antonio de la Oliva
Dr. Antonio de la Oliva
2 Diciembre 2009 - 1:00pm
This talk addresses the problem of providing throughput guarantees in heterogeneous wireless mesh networks. As a first step, it proposes a novel model to represent the capacity region of a wireless link that, by... +
Rubén Cuevas Rumín
Rubén Cuevas Rumín
25 Noviembre 2009 - 1:00pm
A substantial amount of work has recently gone into localizing BitTorrent traffic within an ISP in order to avoid excessive and often times unnecessary transit costs. Several architectures and systems have been proposed... +
Dr Reza Rejaie
Dr. Reza Rejaie, Visiting Researcher IMDEA Networks
18 Noviembre 2009 - 1:00pm
Existing Swarm-based Peer-to-Peer Streaming (SPS) applications rely on a randomly connected overlays among peers, which tend to generate a significant amount of costly inter-ISP traffic. To reduce such traffic,... +
Institute IMDEA Networks
11 Noviembre 2009 -
3:00pm hasta 6:00pm
Ponentes: Dr. Sergey Gorinsky (Senior Researcher, IMDEA Networks) Prof. Dr. Arturo Azcorra (Director General de Transferencia de Tecnología y Desarrollo Empresarial (Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación) Paul Patras (... +
Iljitsch van Beijnum
Iljitsch van Beijnum
4 Noviembre 2009 - 1:00pm
The way the Internet works today is that routing protocols select a single path through the network, and transport protocols like TCP then adapt to the properties of that path. So the situation where there are unused... +
Isaias Martinez Yelmo
Isaías Martínez-Yelmo, UC3M
28 Octubre 2009 - 1:00pm
This talk gives an overview on how different overlay networks can share information among them and some recent results based on an implementation tested on an emulation environment are given.
Michele Zorzi
Dr. Michele Zorzi - University of Padova (Italia)
14 Octubre 2009 - 12:00pm
Interest in underwater acoustic networking research has grown rapidly in the past few years. Fundamental differences between underwater acoustic propagation and terrestrial radio propagation call for new criteria for... +
Kalman Graffi
Dr. Kalman Graffi - Technische Universität Darmstadt
29 Septiembre 2009 - 4:00pm
The peer-to-peer paradigm shows the potential to provide the same functionality like client/server based systems, but with much lower costs. One substantial limitation of p2p systems are missing guarantees on the... +