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Former partners

Our collaborators have been connected to us in a variety of ways. Here we present those research organizations and industry representatives who have formerly collaborated with us, building strong links which allow us to continue exchanging ideas, sharing information and contributing to each other’s development for the furtherment of the global scientific community.

Former industry partners

We have engaged in various research projects with private sector collaborators, some of which we continue to work with on current projects whereas with others collaboration continues at an informal level. These companies include:

Madrid, Spain
Rosh Ha'ayin, Israel
Budaörs, Hungary
California, U.S.
Munich, Germany
Raaba, Austria
Madrid, Spain
Milan, Italy
Paris, France
Munich, Germany
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Tokyo, Japan
London, United Kingdom
Rome, Italy
California, United States
Sophia-Anipolis, France
Gent, Belgium
Marseille, France
Berlin, Germany
Paramus, EE. UU
Milan, Italy
Antwerp, Belgium
Villarceaux, France
Aveiro, Portugal
Rueil-Malmaison, France
Puteaux, France
Paris, France
Dresden, Germany
Madrid, Spain
Madrid, Spain
Neuilly-sur-Seine, France
Delft, Netherlands
Madrid, Spain
Denver, United States
Madrid, Spain