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Research Engineering & Support

The Research Engineering & Support unit at IMDEA Networks is dedicated to supporting the continued growth in our research capacity and maximizing the impact of our research output by providing specific technical and professional expertise and assistance to ongoing research endeavors in a variety of ways. Research Engineering & Support personnel work either at the level of the entire Institute, or closely with researchers and their groups. There are roles with an engineering background that take care of the design, installation and maintenance of the IT infrastructure. Other roles may, for instance, provide administrative or operational support to project or lab management.

Typical jobs include systems administration, research (software and/or hardware) engineering, project or research administrator and laboratory technician. These positions are similar to their industry equivalents. They enable our employees to work on cutting-edge research problems and technology in a stimulating and innovative environment.

Research Engineer & Support: [Research Engineer] [Wireless Networking Group] [2020]

IMDEA Networks' Wireless Networking Group (http://wireless.networks.imdea.org/) headed by Prof. Joerg Widmer (http://people.networks.imdea.org/~joerg_widmer/) invites applications for a Research Engineer position in the area of millimeter-wave networking. The research engineer will work on millimeter-wave networking aspects (large scale deployments, resource allocation, location systems, etc.) and/or communications (beam forming, coding, interference management, joint communication and radar, etc.). As a member of the millimeter-wave team, the researcher will be involved in cutting edge experimental work.

Skills Required

  • Background in millimeter-wave networking and/or millimeter-wave communications
  • Excellent technical and problem solving skills
  • Very good organization and communication skills

Contract Duration & Type

  • 12 months, renewable based on performance. 
  • Full-time contract. Includes social and health benefits.

Academic Qualifications

PhD in computer science, electrical engineering, or a related field


Experience in building systems and experimental work in the area of wireless networking

How To Apply

Candidates should send the following information as .pdf or .doc attachments to Joerg Widmer

Candidates should submit a CV including at least a list of publications, and a summary of both educational and previous work experience, and previous research projects.

Names and email addresses of at least 2 references will be required.

TO APPLY PLEASE FILL IN THIS ONLINE FORM (https://careers.networks.imdea.org/), choosing the position: [Research Engineer] [Wireless Networking Group] [2020]

Deadline for Receipt of Applications

15 Aug 2020 - 14:00 (Madrid Time)

Research Engineer & Support: [Research Engineer] [the OppArch Lab] [2020]

The candidate will work in the OppArch Lab, led by Vincenzo Mancuso. The members of the OppArch Lab focus on solutions for extremely high-performing opportunistic architectures for highly dense cellular networks and for infrastructure-less wireless services. Specifically, the OppArch Lab targets analysis, design, implementation and experimental evaluation of energy-efficient, robust, fair and high-throughput communication protocols for: (i) SDN/SDR-based cellular networks, (ii) context-aware services, and (iii) cloud-based data centers.

Skills Required

The candidate must be knowledgeable of machine learning tools, network protocols of the TCP/IP stack, and 4G/5G radio access technologies; he/she must also be proficient in programming with python and associated development tools, and skilled with data collection tools needed to gather experimental data from real network experiments.

List of tasks and Responsibilities

The researcher will work in TAPIR-CM project and perform experimental research and develop cutting edge methods, based on machine learning, for the analysis and troubleshooting of wireless access networks and for data-driven analysis of communications protocols.

How To Apply

TO APPLY PLEASE FILL IN THIS ONLINE FORM (https://careers.networks.imdea.org/), choosing the position: Research Engineer & Support: [Research Engineer] [the OppArch Lab] [2020]

Deadline for Receipt of Applications

15 Aug 2020 - 14:00 (Madrid Time)

Research Engineer & Support: [Program Manager] [NETCOM Lab] [2020]

Program Manager

It is necessary to hire a Program Manager to lead a program of reforms and technical maintenance of IMDEA Networks laboratories. That includes the planning and execution of the appropriate reforms, and optimization and automation of the infrastructure management tasks.

Skills Required

  • University degree, preferably Electrical Engineer, Telecommunications Engineer, Computer Engineer.
  • IT tools: ERP; software for the integral management of projects and portfolio of projects such as Ms-Project; Analytical tools with SAS Studio, office software (Microsoft Office - high knowledge of advanced functions of Excel and Google sheet eg Solver, SQL
  • Knowledge of Spanish public procurement law (LCSP)

Additional Complementary Skills

Leadership; planning and organization; negotiation; interpersonal management skills


English, high level. Spoken and written


  • Minimum 5 years experience in planning, maintenance and project positions.
  • Project Management Professional Certificate (PMI-PMP).

Tasks and responsibilities

Research Support Activities to be developed:

  • Design process improvement and refurbishment of research spaces, facilities and maintenance services.
  • Manage the program of reforms: New technical facilities, platforms, hardware and software and auxiliary equipment. Define report and indicators ex. capacity utilization, % of errors, etc.
  • Preparation of the bidding documents for the launch and management of the bidding procedures and their publication in the Comunidad de Madrid Contracts Portal.
  • Develop the quality function and suppliers management: Improvement of the quality of the products and services of the reduction of the costs (TCO), definition of the Suppliers Overall Rating (SOR), establishment of synergies with other institutes, audits of quality, etc.
  • Select and implement resources planning tools.
  • Build a central repository of measurement data complying with the requirements of confidentiality, integrity, availability and data retention policies.
  • Prepare the Registros de Actividades de Tratamiento (RAT) to manage personal data security and comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Study the state of the art of the equipment and technical installations during the reform program: Mass storage, GPUs, FPGAs, ASICs, etc. or big data and cloud-based machine learning solutions such as Amazon, Azure, Google Cloud, etc. Define the decision parameters (SNR values, bandwidth, warranty time, price, etc.), to evaluate which option is the most convenient.
  • Manage the guarantees of the new facilities/devices, and define the procedure for returns.
  • Define the safety measures in laboratories, eg. requirements on distribution of wiring, number of devices that can be located on the ground, whether it is mandatory or a fire extinguisher or another PCI measure, etc.

Contract Duration & Type

12 months, 40 hours/week

How To Apply

TO APPLY PLEASE FILL IN THIS ONLINE FORM (https://careers.networks.imdea.org/), choosing the position: Call Research Engineer & Support: [Program Manager] [NETCOM Lab] [2020]

Deadline for Receipt of Applications

15 Sep 2020 - 14:00 (Madrid Time)