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Research Engineering & Support

The Research Engineering & Support unit at IMDEA Networks is dedicated to supporting the continued growth in our research capacity and maximizing the impact of our research output by providing specific technical and professional expertise and assistance to ongoing research endeavors in a variety of ways. Research Engineering & Support personnel work either at the level of the entire Institute, or closely with researchers and their groups. There are roles with an engineering background that take care of the design, installation and maintenance of the IT infrastructure. Other roles may, for instance, provide administrative or operational support to project or lab management.

Typical jobs include systems administration, research (software and/or hardware) engineering, project or research administrator and laboratory technician. These positions are similar to their industry equivalents. They enable our employees to work on cutting-edge research problems and technology in a stimulating and innovative environment.

Research Engineer

A research engineer position is available at IMDEA Networks in the Wireless networking area.

Skills Required

The ideal candidate should have solid hands-on experience in FGPA programming and/or electronic circuit and PCB design, prototyping and testing. Capability to work in a research team is a must.


Fluency in written and spoken English is mandatory.

Contract Duration & Type

Contract duration: 12 months, renewable based on performance and funding sources

Hours per week: Full time

Academic Qualifications

BSc degree title

How To Apply

TO APPLY PLEASE FILL IN THIS ONLINE FORM (https://careers.networks.imdea.org/), choosing the position: Research Engineer & Support: [Research Engineer][Pervasive Wireless Systems Group] [2019].

Period over which the position should be advertised

Until filled

Project Administrator

This job description is only available in Spanish here: “Gestor de Proyectos”.

How To Apply

TO APPLY PLEASE FILL IN THIS ONLINE FORM (https://careers.networks.imdea.org/), choosing the position: Research Engineer & Support: [Project Administrator] [2019].

Deadline for Receipt of Applications

Until the position is filled