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IMDEA Networks Institute is a networking research institute whose multinational team is engaged in cutting-edge fundamental science. As a growing, English-speaking institute located in Madrid, Spain, IMDEA Networks offers a unique opportunity for pioneering scientists to develop their ideas. IMDEA Networks is establishing itself internationally at the forefront in the “development of future network technologies and has already incorporated highly-reputed scientists (see our research team here). Our researchers share the potential to shape the future of networking science over the coming years.

Further information regarding our areas of research can be found here.

We bring together a large number of scientists performing research in fields very closely related to computer networks, to an extent that is unique in Europe. At the Institute, and teamed up with University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M), researchers understand each other, are driven by common interests and are therefore able to collaborate in depth on leading-edge technical challenges.

Our PhD Student positions offer talented, aspiring researchers a salaried position in our research team for up to five years. Candidates offered a position as IMDEA Networks PhD Students will have been pre-vetted and conditionally accepted for a place on the Ph.D. program at UC3M or another top university in Madrid*.

* Please be aware that IMDEA Networks does not issue degrees and that, in most cases, as a UC3M PhD candidate you will be required to complete at least one year of master's courses, even if you already hold a master's degree. (Other universities may apply different criteria.)

Requirements, benefits and career development

PhD Student - Your career choice

Graduates applying for this position should have the following attributes

  • B.Sc., M.Sc. or equivalent in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Telecommunications, Telematics or a related field (concluded by the time you join)*
  • Excellent academic transcripts
  • Clearly defined Statement of Purpose for Ph.D. research thesis
  • Excellent level of spoken and written English (please note: Spanish is not required)
  • Highly motivated

Successful candidates will enjoy the following benefits

  • Freedom to focus on your research work, with full administrative support. No teaching duties
  • Collaboration with leading experts on international research projects
  • Supervision throughout your Ph.D. by one of our world-renowned and award-winning researchers (see Research team).
  • Use of state-of-the-art resources and facilities
  • Collaborative, multi-cultural and English-speaking environment
  • Participation at international conferences and project meetings
  • Assistance with all aspects of immigration and relocation (including support with your VISA application)
  • Support to take innovations to market
  • Salaried position for up to 5 years *
  • Access to comprehensive healthcare
  • Total combined value of financial package of more than 150,000 Euros over five years
  • More information about the University Carlos III of Madrid Ph.D program

* UC3M Admission levels

We finance PhD Student's Ph.D. studies for between 4 and 5 years:

  • You will be funded for up to 4 years if you are admitted directly to the 1st year of the UC3M PhD Program
  • up to 4 and a half years if you are also undertaking a full UC3M Masters Program,
  • and you may be able to obtain an additional extension of up to 6 months.

Career path

After obtaining their Ph.D., our graduates are expected to find jobs in research organizations (including academia) and industry, for instance, amongst the members of our Former Team. We help our PhD Students in their search for employment after graduation.

How to apply for PhD positions

We have PhD positions for specific topics or projects, as well as positions where the research topic is not pre-defined at the time of the call. If your background and interests match one or two of the positions below, please enter the name of the corresponding supervisor(s) as “Preferred Ph.D. supervisor” in the section “Research interests and statement of purpose” of the application form. If you do not have a preference as to the PhD topic, leave this field empty.

Find more information about these openings on the following links.

PhD Position in Big-Data driven 5G Networking [NETCOM Lab] - Supervisor: Dr. Arturo Azcorra

We are inviting applications for a PhD student position in the area of distributed systems and networking. The student will work on EC funded projects in the area of 5G networking within an international consortium (industry and academia). Your work will involve design, implementation and evaluation of distributed systems and networks for building next generation of Internet services characterized by ultra-low latency and heterogeneity in communications, data storage and computing resources, with special emphasis on leveraging big data techniques to collect networking data and extract in-depth knowledge regarding the network, services and users to improve network management and operation with SDN controllers.

Supervisor: Dr. Arturo Azcorra

Skills required for this position

  • The applicant should hold a Master’s of Science degree or a similar degree which fulfills the entry requirements for doctoral studies at UC3M.
  • In case not holding a Master degree yet, we also expect an excellent degree in Computer Science, Telecommunication Engineering, Mathematics or equivalent disciplines
  • Strong background in distributed systems, networking, programming and operating systems
  • Proficiency in English is mandatory
  • Strong programming skills on Python and Java in Linux
  • Hands-on experience with experimental work on OpenStack, SDN controllers and containers

PhD Position in Distributed Spectrum Monitoring Systems with Big Data and Electrosense [Pervasive Wireless Systems Group] - Supervisor: Dr. Domenico Giustiniano

The Pervasive Wireless Systems Research Group led by Dr. Domenico Giustiniano invites applications for a PhD Student position in the broad area of Distributed Spectrum Monitoring System. The student will work on the Electrosense network (https://www.electrosense.org), that has the objective of sensing the entire spectrum in populated regions of the world with programmable low-cost spectrum sensors, and to make the data available in real-time through a big-data architecture for different kinds of stakeholders which require a deeper knowledge of the actual spectrum usage. The goal of the research project is to achieve an accurate and fast detection, classification and location of intruders in the spectrum in the time, frequency and space domains using the distributed Electrosense network.

Supervisor: Dr. Domenico Giustiniano

Skills required for this position

  • We expect an excellent degree in electrical engineering, telecommunication engineering or equivalent disciplines
  • Proficiency in English is mandatory
  • Solid background in signal processing, wireless networks and embedded systems
  • Hands-on experience with experimental work

PhD Position in Slicing for Distributed Wireless Network Applications [Opportunistic Architectures Lab] - Supervisor: Dr. Vincenzo Mancuso

The Opportunistic Architectures Lab invites applications for a PhD Student position in the area of network slicing applied to distributed wireless network applications, which involves both modeling and experimental research. The aim of this PhD position is to design and prototype an orchestrator for the management of wireless network slices aimed to provide advanced distributed services in 5G networks and beyond. In such framework, network, compute and storage resources need to be controlled and configured dynamically, with an operational complexity that requires the introduction of heuristics and artificial-intelligence-based approaches.

Supervisor: Dr. Vincenzo Mancuso

Skills required for this position

  • High proficiency in programming (e.g., C/C++, Python, Matlab, Mathematica, etc.)
  • Excellent background on wireless networking
  • Excellent verbal and written English skills