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Scientific Council

The Scientific Council is a very important organ of IMDEA Networks, advising us on all aspects of the Institute’s scientific activities. Among many other things, the Council proposes the incorporation and renewal of Scientific Expert members of the Board of Trustees; reviews and approves scientific appointments, and generally provides support to the Director – Dr. Arturo Azcorra and the Deputy Director – Dr. Albert Banchs – in determining scientific research strategy and policies.

The Institute’s Scientific Council is composed of internationally-prestigious researchers in the field of Telematics and Internet technologies. IMDEA Networks is greatly strengthened by the participation of these eminent scientists. The current members are:

Position: Standardization Director, Ericsson. Finland
PhD: Aalto University. Helsinki. Finland
Research: Signaling; Multimedia applications; Transport protocols; Network security; Networking architectures
Joining Date: July 2007
Position: Marconi Professor of Communication Systems at University of Cambridge. Cambridge. UK
PhD: Computer Science, University College London (UCL) (England, UK)
Research: Opportunistic Communications; Privacy in the Cloud; Carbon Neutral Networking
Joining Date: July 2007
Prof. Dr. Gustavo DE VECIANA
Position: Cullen Trust Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. USA
PhD: Electrical Engineering, University of California at Berkeley. USA
Research: Analysis and Design of Wireless and Wireline Telecommunication Networks; Architectures and Protocols to Support Sensing and Pervasive Computing; Applied Probability, Queuing and Information Theory
Joining Date: November 2010
Prof. Dr. Mario GERLA
Position: Professor at the Computer Science Department, University of California (UCLA). Los Angeles. USA
PhD: Engineering. University of California. USA
Research: Design and performance evaluation of Ad Hoc wireless networks; Routing; multicast and congestion management in tactical networks; Vehicular ad hoc networks; Wireless security and privacy; Cognitive radios and dynamic spectrum sharing; Urban vehicular traffic management for congestion and pollution mitigation; Mobile health and wireless patient monitoring; Underwater sensor networks
Joining Date: December 2015
Prof. Dr. Edward KNIGHTLY
Position: Sheafor-Lindsay Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Rice University. Houston. Texas. USA
PhD: University of California at Berkeley. Berkeley. USA
Research: Wireless Networks and Protocols; Wireless Access for Developing Regions; Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks
Joining Date: November 2010
Position: CEO, Telefonica Innovation Alpha. Spain
PhD: École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). Lausanne. Switzerland
Research: Networking; Distributed Systems; Information Theory; Wireless and Mobile; Network Economics; Social Networks
Joining Date: November 2010
Prof. Dr. Ioannis STAVRAKAKIS
Position: Full Professor & Head of the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications at National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Athens. Greece
PhD: University of Virginia. Charlottesville. USA
Research: Resource Allocation Protocols and Traffic Management for Communication Networks, with recent emphasis on Peer-to-Peer, Mobile, Ad hoc, Autonomic and Social Networking
Joining Date: July 2007
Prof. Dr. Ralf STEINMETZ
Position: President of Board of Trustees of IMDEA Networks Institute; Full Professor & Managing Director of Multimedia Communications Lab (KOM) at Technische Universität Darmstadt. Darmstadt. Germany
PhD: Electrical Engineering. Technische Universität Darmstadt. Darmstadt. Germany
Research: Scalable Quality of Service; Content Distribution Networks; Context Aware Communications; Adaptive Mobile Networking; Knowledge Media; Serious Games
Joining Date: July 2007
Dr. Heinrich J. STÜTTGEN
Position: Deputy Vice President at NEC Laboratories Europe. Heidelberg. Germany
PhD: Computer Science, Associative Memory Architecture, University of Dortmund. Germany
Research: Network Architecture and Protocols; Software Defined Networking; Internet of Things (IoT)
Joining Date: June 2017