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IMDEA initiative

IMDEA is an institutional framework promoted by the Regional Government of Madrid to:

  • Perform research of excellence.
  • Bring off transfer technology to the industrial sector in order to improve competitiveness.
  • Attract the best Spanish and international researchers and scientists to the region of Madrid.
  • Make Madrid a centre for science, technology and research, positioning it among those knowledge-generating regions at the forefront of innovation.
Corporate fractal image of the IMDEA initiative

The IMDEA initiative comprises seven independent research institutes in different strategic areas:


The objectives of the IMDEA Institutes are:

  • To encourage R&D activities.
  • To develop in-house, internationally competitive, state-of-the-art science and technology.
  • To build international research teams, attracting and training human capital of excellence; to promote interdisciplinary collaboration and to create a dynamic, agile, liberal, non-interventionist environment which contributes to the well-being of Madrid and Spain.

Within this framework, IMDEA Networks Institute carries out research of the highest standard and promotes the transfer of networking technologies.